10 best rappers who are known but not very famous

10 best rappers who are known but not very famous

There are some rappers who are known, but they are not very famous. These are talented rappers who haven’t been properly praised by critics and fans for various reasons. In other words, they could not achieve the commercial success and critical admiration they deserve. They absolutely need more admiration and approval so that they could gain more fame and popularity.

Top unappreciated and underestimated rappers

But it does not mean that they are not good rappers. Since they are not ranked according to their skills or capabilities, everybody on this list undoubtedly has great artistic abilities. Let’s learn about some of those highly talented yet unappreciated and underrated rappers.

1. Tech N9ne

For sure, Tech N9ne has been one of the most underestimated rappers of all time, but surprisingly he has also been one of the best-known independent rappers ever due to his loyal fan base. He was, however, highly creative in the commercial world. During the 2000s, when most rappers focused on SMACK DVD to display ostentatiously how much advance funding they got from their main deals, he tried to become successful on his own. He began his Strange Music company from the very beginning on the power of his great rapping.

2. D.O.C.

The D.O.C. has gained recognition among younger rap fans as the short public acknowledgments of other rappers have granted him over the years, like Jay-statement Z, that considered him the best. Still, the followers of old-school rap consider him to be one of the best wordsmiths of the 1980s, as good as other important figures such as Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, and Rakim.

His most well-known and popular work is No One Can Do It Better debut album, which contains the perpetual first track, “Funky Enough.” Unfortunately, The D.O.C.’s budding career suddenly terminated after a terrible car accident, which led to the inflammation of the larynx and awfully damaged his voice—a rapper’s only tool. Since then, he has tried releasing albums. Still, that doesn’t suggest that he didn’t find ways to impact the issue.

3. Big Pun

Anyone who is familiar with rap understands that Punisher was one of the best rappers. Rap fans regard his difficult rhymes as verses from the Bible. He is still underestimated in spite of being an A1 rapper who regularly receives unfair treatment because he had some incomplete albums before he passed away abruptly.

4. Suga-Free

Suga Free is one of the most distinguishable and mesmerizing rappers in history. Compton-MC Dejaun Rice was born in Oakland. He released an album that many hip-hop experts consider one of the genre’s best. In spite of all the extraordinary performances that DJ Quik did behind the scenes, Suga Free still hosted the show. A rhythmic talent, the loquacious pimp-rapper is outstanding in moderating thick narratives with humor, naivety, drama, and genuine insight.

5. Tha Liks

This is one of the most tragic occurrences in that Tha Liks does not exist anymore! They were really wonderful rappers that are still the topic of conversation among their peers. But unfortunately, they no longer exist. The fact that Liks had numerous great albums, a wonderful song with “Hip-Hop Drunkies,” and even Tash’s single album, Rap Life, makes it even more frustrating and regretful.

6. Wise Intelligent

It is not clear why they are so underrated. Maybe It was due to the non-attendance of that one classic single. Or it is since they persisted in their defense of the 5 Percenter ideology. Or perhaps it was their names that were a little conceited and banal. Still, the reality is that Poor Righteous Teachers are one of the underestimated yet known bands, which reminds us of the great Lil Murda.

7. Akinyele

He is not the first person to change ignorance into art. Akinyele was among the best. He has sometimes been underestimated, especially by Nas’ attendance as a guest on “Live at the B.B.Q.” Afterward, the emerging New York rapper from Queens was overshadowed by his greatest hit, “Put It in Your Mouth,” a very seductive tune with an unbelievably imperceptible sexual implication.

8. Black Rob

Puffy was in search of a replacement for Biggie when he died, and Mase detached from the scene, but he couldn’t find anyone. Puffy then used Black Rob after trying his best. Rob, a successful rapper with an extraordinary talent for making something wonderful out of an ordinary song, got wonderful success with “Whoa!” That was the best and worst thing to ever occur in his professional life simultaneously.

9. Jean Grae

Grae Jean is a rapper who lives in the current era and truly performs rap music about what it’s like to be a woman. Wrong beginnings have chiefly overshadowed Jean’s professional life. She set foot on the underground scene in the late 1990s, and in 2002, she published the successful debut album “Attack of the Attacking Things,” which contributed to her obtaining recognition.

10. Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie is a rapper who sings about killing, shooting, and marijuana distribution in his works. Boosie was interested in the mainstream charts in the past, making an appearance as a guest on Foxx’s “Wipe Me Down,” but his actual influence is in the library he passed the most of the 2000s generating up to his 2009 incarceration on drug and gun-related allegations.


We all know the importance of music in daily life and rap is nonetheless is a part of modern music. There are some rappers who are known, but they are not very famous. These are people who are underestimated, and their talent and skills have not been appreciated and valued properly. These are very successful and talented people who cannot obtain the place that they deserve. Although they are not that much famous, they are highly professional and competent rappers that put a lot of effort into their work and yet do not get what they deserve.

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