10 best voice changers for discord

10 best voice changers for discord

10 best voice changers for discord. Discord voice changer software can make conversations and relationships with your community and friends more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Like other tools, some tools are more powerful than others. Especially when it comes to how easy it is to integrate with Discord. So let’s get started without any further hassle.

1) Clownfish voice changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is easily one of the most popular voice changer programs for good reason. Clownfish allow users to transform their voice into anything from aliens to robots to female speakers. Sure, it’s not the most powerful and compelling voice changer in the world, and you’ll need a Windows PC to use it, but Clownfish works. Great for pranks, jokes with friends, or anyone who wants to change their voice as soon as possible.

With Clownfish, in addition to the voice change function, you can play music with a microphone, send text-to-speech voice with voice chat, and play sound effects with a soundboard. Don’t expect clownfish to hide your identity in a careful and professional way. But for a quick solution, don’t miss it.

2) Voxal voice changer

If you want to play with audio presets, you need something a little more powerful than clownfish. That’s where Voxal comes in. This is a free, personalized software program that allows users to choose from a variety of voices and create their own voices.

Voxal has several different categories that users can choose from, from fantasy and sci-fi voices to special narration effects such as stadium announcer sounds. For Voxal, each preset comes with a flowchart showing how the user’s voice changes and the software suite allows the user to change the preset or add their own additions. I can do it. From adding echo, reverb, and vibrato to “wah-wah” effects, experienced audio engineers have fine-grained control over Voxal’s capabilities, giving you the right choice.

It’s hard to bet on Voxal in that it works well and offers many voice-changing options. It also works well in multiple video games and can be used as a podcasting tool and as a tool for generating audio for online avatars. The app has a huge library of effects. It has low CPU usage and is compatible with many communication apps.

It works fine with Discord, but it still works through some struggles with other platforms like Steam. It’s worth noting that in a huge library of voices, you may find that many voices are a little too similar to each other.

Voxal is free for non-profit users, but you must purchase a Voxal Voice Changer Plus license to unlock all the features of the program.

3) Voicemod

From cop radio to robots to female voices, changing Voicemod is a high-quality option that sounds reliable to listeners without the need for a zero setting on behalf of speakers. Just click on the option you want and Voicemod will do the rest. Voice Mods are a must for Discord users who need a powerful voice changer that is as easy to use as compelling. In particular, you’ll need to role-play, mask your ID, and change your voice while streaming on Twitch.

Voicemod comes in two different versions: free software and a paid professional license. The freeware version of the program rotates with random audio daily, but the annual or lifetime license gives you all the audio available, along with a wide range of options for editing and customizing the sound.

Voicemod is one of the most popular, enabling great real-time voice changes and even better changes to recorded voice.

This tool produces great voice changer results, is highly flexible, easy to set up, and is professionally designed. It has a variety of voice effects, from tasty ones like robot voices to more practical “assertiveness” that adds baritone modulation.

Voicemod works well with Discord and other communication apps. You can also upload MP3 and WAV sound files that you can change later in the app. When you visit a website, you may question its legitimacy. This app is one of the best apps for voice changer purposes, as the site may look more professional.

Voicemod is free, but there is also a paid version. Something that didn’t come exactly when you first loaded the app. The free version keeps users out of multiple features. Therefore, if you want the complete lineup provided by the app, you should choose the premium version.

3. VoiceMeeter

For experienced audio mixers, VoiceMeeter may be an app to consider. This app is more advanced than some of the options in this niche, so it’s not a great option to get started from scratch for those unfamiliar with the voice-changing genre. It’s easy to install, it’s free to use, it supports a number of interfaces, and it works well with Discord.

VoiceMeeter acts as a voice change but is intended as an audio mixer. VoiceMeeter is the perfect app for gamers, musicians, DJs, podcasters, and more.

It’s free for casual use, but if you use it regularly for business or work purposes and need access to all post-production tools, you’ll need to purchase a license. Only available on Windows platforms.

4. MorphVox

Morphvox is one of the best voice changer apps compatible with Discord, allowing you to not only change the sound but also mix it with sound effects.

This tool has many built-in effects, is very lightweight given its breadth of functionality, and requires very little CPU and bandwidth to run. It also has the ability to create custom shortcuts, improving usability.

Where the app isn’t particularly easy is its installation. It’s not very intuitive, but it’s not insurmountable. There is no clean UI. Therefore, if you are concerned about a simple and clean design, consider choosing another app.

6. Voice changer

If you only need the basics of voice changer software, the voice changer app provides the solution.  You can also read the text back in audio format. It offers a variety of effects, from gender-exchanged voices to baby sounds to cartoon characters.

7. Voice changer with effects

Voice Changer with Effects is a great Android app that allows you to change the sound with different effects, not in real-time (with a lag), but for hours pretending to sound like someone (or something else). You can enjoy it.

The app is easy to install and use. Its main drawback is that the sound output needs to redirect to the Discord tool, which requires some tweaking to work with Discord.

It’s also designed specifically for mobile devices, so it’s not the best-looking app for desktop users. If you change your voice, you can save the recording for later use, but this requires permission to access the device’s memory.

8. Discord voice changer

Changing your voice with Discord Voice Changer is very easy. What’s more, the app is extremely lightweight and doesn’t strain the device’s CPU. The app has a lot of voice effects and the interface is clean and elegant, except for its painful fonts.

The challenge is to find and install it. The tool does not have its own website. As a result, it can only be found in the Download Center, but it’s still not an easily available app. If you’re lucky, you may have a hard time finding a stable, bug-free version. This may be due to the developer (Ovia Games) stopping working on the project.

9. AV voice changer software

The best part is that it can be easily integrated with Discord, Skype, Twitch, and other voice communication media that revolve around audio and voice communication. It has a voice recorder, editor, and alternator.

You can download a free trial of this amazing app, but you’ll have to pay $ 99.95 to get a full license to access its many features. If you’re wondering why it’s so expensive, it’s a professional-grade app that may not use much for the normal enjoyment and anonymity of gamers.

10. Super-Voice Editor

The Super-Voice Changer app is basically like someone looking for an app to change their voice. You can intuitively change the sound of your voice by recording, adding, editing, and playing back your voice.

But don’t let that methodology mislead you. This is especially powerful considering it’s free. You can make any type of audio editing, including but not limited to trimming MP3 audio clips. I can even change your singing voice to be much less tuned and melodic than it really is.


The top pick of the best Clownfish Voice Changer app.

Whether you’re interested in online privacy and security or just want to enjoy it, these voice changer apps can help you take your Discord chat experience to the next level.

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