10 local marketing idea’s to support your cardboard packaging business

10 local marketing idea’s to support your cardboard packaging business

If you are starting a custom cardboard boxes business, marketing is a major factor that can ensure its success. Marketing is an essential step that brings prospects; these prospects attract customers that promise you an improved bottom line. While planning to market your packaging business locally, it is crucial to remember that it is not just about spreading word of mouth. You have to make a connection with the customers while implementing a marketing strategy to earn their loyalty. As there are numerous methods to market your brand, it is pertinent to invest your money ineffective tactics.

Distribute business cards:

Business cards are the right extension of any brand in the world. So, invest in the small business cards that introduce your business to the people. Make sure to add up all the relevant details that you think are excellent to set you apart. You can find numerous cheap template business card generators that can help you along the process. But, if you want a specialized design, a local designer and print shop is the best option. Print your cards with the same logo, font style, and colors that you use on your website for perfect marketing. And, also do not forget to ask your employees to distribute among a targeted customer base.

Provide seasonal gifts:

Several special occasions and milestones are a great opportunity for a packaging business to make its presence felt. So, keep an eye over these special times of the year and send well-designed greetings to your customers. Such an approach is quite vocal about how much you care for your clients. The best tactic is to provide the people with a coupon book a few days before a specific occasion is approaching. This will encourage the customers to purchase custom cardboard boxes wholesale supplies from your business.

Engage with the community:

One of the finest ways to get your packaging brand’s name out there in the market is to engage with product manufacturers. Find various ways of effective engagement with them. This can be done by understanding their needs carefully and helping out in the process. For instance, you can provide eco-friendly packaging solutions to the manufacturers if they are struggling to convince eco-conscious consumers. This kind of engagement will help you spread the knowledge and create your brand awareness.

Take part in trade shows:

Joining and attending organized trade shows is perhaps the best way to earn yourself a name in the packaging industry. It does not matter whether you opt to display or sell your packaging products in the trade shows. Whatever you may choose, they are brilliant to produce quality leads in a matter of two or three days. You can give some free-of-cost samples of the custom cardboard packaging to make the most out of trade shows.

Create pamphlets:

Printed marketing materials like pamphlets and flyers are a great opportunity to spread your brand message. Printing some pamphlets and flyers may sound like an old idea, but it still provides some excellent results. Keeping that in mind, print some instructive infographics and use them as your marketing materials. Also, do not forget to put in your contact details and some recognizable branding elements.


Partnering with some other local packaging businesses that share the same values and goals is another method of marketing. Get involved with them to develop exemplary packaging products and sponsor some local events. This will expand the exposure of your packaging business in the market. And more people will get to know you.

Promote social media engagement:

In the digital world, referrals are a common thing that tends to promote a positive word of mouth about a brand. An easy way to advance the reach of your packaging business is to engage with your local customers on social media. Remember to ask them for check-ins, leave reviews about your packaging products, and share pictures of them. Or, you can also turn this special request into a contest for a reward or prize money. This type of marketing can bring far better results for your business as you can hit 100% of your target audience this way.

Sponsor local events:

Local events are a great source of entertainment, and a great number of people enjoy them. Sponsor several local events like a sports festival to let more customers get involved in business with you. Such an approach goes a long way in sending a message that you are a reliable and trustworthy packaging boxes business. If you stand up to help others around you, it is highly probable that customers would be standing up to buy from you.

Offer coupons and discounts:

There is simply no better marketing gizmos than special discounts and coupons. They serve a great deal in fostering your brand loyalty and winning the attention of maximum customers in the market. Offer some coupons, discounted offers. And loyalty programs to make the customers feel privileged to buy from you. Make sure to advertise these offers in a comprehensive manner to attract the attention of the people who never purchased from you. This will convince them to be involved in business with you and prefer your packaging products.

Book publishing:

As a packaging business, you might be already sharing valuable details concerning your brand and products. Getting these details published can help you share your expertise with a larger target audience. So, try to organize all your brand-related information and publish it as a book. This type of marketing promises to draw more attention to your business. And your popularity grows even more.

There are plenty of offline or local marketing techniques to earn yourself a distinctive reputation in the market. Make sure to employ only those techniques that support the overall plan of your custom cardboard boxes business.

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