3 Best Ways to Know How Do I Save A PDF With A Confidential Watermark?

How Do I Save A PDF With A Confidential Watermark

In this fast-paced world where anything can be faked, how can you protect your PDF from being copied? In this blog, we are going to talk about why people save a PDF with a secret watermark. And how you can use it to save your work from duplication.

In most business and legal work data is confidential and should not be leaked due to security purposes and that’s why people always ask how to save a PDF with a confidential watermark.

Most of the time copying and referencing can be done by a thesis, It is good to know for studies, but if the information is about military weapons or government action against traitors here, security is obtained because if the results are revealed then it can be easily changed. This is why people put the stamp confidential on PDF.

What Is A Confidential Watermark? And Why Should We Save A PDF With A Confidential Watermark?

The watermark has been used to identify and protect currency and creative works for centuries. If you think it’s outdated and nobody uses it. Then reality remains a helpful way to reduce counterfeiting and unauthorized sharing with unwanted people, and save a PDF with a confidential watermark is a way to secure a PDF.

Watermarks or confidential text and timestamps, other metadata can be inserted confidential watermark in PDF. During the printing process to further create cover information and prevent misuse of sensitive documents with watermarks.

If you need to mark a PDF as confidential, watermarks are a powerful visual aid to remind users of the need to properly handle, protect and dispose of printed materials. Prominent examples of watermarks include shaded text phrases such as “Top Secret”, “Confidential” and “For internal use only”. The “Test” watermark is often omitted. However, it can be very useful in securing information perhaps in a different way.

Save A PDF With A Confidential Watermark Is Good?

You have the ability to differentiate yourself from other PDFs that are used for wider distribution, and you can immediately place watermarked PDFs in the “for your eyes only” category.

Stamp confidential on PDFs is the Progress of the watermark in the protection of intellectual property. You can set PDF security settings to restrict activities such as printing and copying, but also to protect recipients from the misuse of documents.

You can identify a PDF document whether a PDF is a copy or an original by the watermark and the company that authorizes the form and can be used on invoices or bills.

The best thing about a watermark is that once it’s stamped on a PDF document, it’s hard to miss. If the recipients even see it on the screen without trying to edit it, but it is still displayed on the screen and the watermark shows the classification of the whole file at a glance and makes it an impeccable security feature.

So the answer is yes, save a PDF with a confidential watermark is a supreme option regarding PDF security and document integrity.

Top methods to know How do I save a PDF with a confidential watermark? What is confidential and stamp confidential on PDF with easy ways

3 Best Ways To Save A PDF With A Confidential Watermark

We have discussed what consequences could be out there if you don’t stamp confidential on PDF. So without delay let’s save a PDF with a confidential watermark. We found the best techniques to add a watermark in your PDF, for that, you just need to follow these steps.

Microsoft Word can save a PDF with a confidential watermark

Follow the steps to put a watermark on your PDF

 1. First, open your Word document easily

 2. Now Click on the “Design” tab.
 3. In the menu bar, go to “Watermark”.

Save A Pdf With A Confidential Watermark in Word

 4. You will see different kinds of watermarks displayed on the gallery, choose the type of watermark you want to put by simply clicking on it. This will be put on all the pages of the document.

You Can Customize The  Watermark Using The Following Steps:

  • First Click on “Design” and then Choose “Watermark”.
  • After that  Click on “Custom Watermark”.
  • Now Choose the “Text watermark” option.

Select Text watermark

  • Here You can always set up the layout, font, color, size, text, and font of the watermark which will reflect on your PDF.
  • Click “OK” to Apply.
  • Once you followed all of the steps, you will see a custom watermark apply on all pages of your document.

Using Adobe Acrobat To Stamp Confidential On PDF

Add a watermark in Adobe Acrobat

  • First Choose Document > Watermark > Add

Add watermark in Adobe

  • Then Specify the watermark:
  • For reusing the watermark simply go to the watermark options that you saved in an earlier session, and select it from the Saved Settings menu.
  • And if you want to create a text watermark, select Text, and type the text in the box. Then Adjust the text formatting options as per your need.
  • Here you have the option to use the image as a watermark and select File. Then click Browse to find the location and select the image file. specify the Page Number you want If the file has multiple pages with images, 

Add text to Save A Pdf With A Confidential Watermark

Insert Confidential In PDF By This Amazing Method

You can easily add watermark to your PDF by this popular PDF Bates numberer Tool, it has immersive feature apart from adding watermark. It provides batch processing facility where you can add multiple PDF files at the same time.and save a PDF with a confidential watermark. It also works on mac so why doing hardwork when you can do smartwork. Just follow these steps to stamp confidential on PDF

  1. Install PDF Watermark Adder in your system to add a PDF watermark.

Install tool to Save A Pdf With A Confidential Watermark

  1. Then Browse PDF files using Add File(s) or Add Folder button to add a watermark to multiple PDF files.

add files to Add Watermark to PDF Files

  1. Here you need to choose watermark type, Text Watermark, Image Watermark, or Date & Time watermark.

Choose Watermark type

  1. After that, Customize the watermark by using Advanced features.

advanced features to add a watermark

  1. In the end, click on the Generate button to add Watermark to PDF free.

Click on Generate to Save A Pdf With A Confidential Watermark

After when all steps complete successfully then all the PDF files will add the watermark and will be saved at the destination location.


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This article will help you add a watermark to PDF, and we’ve reviewed the best ways to do it. Just follow a tested and efficient guide and prevent your PDF from being copied or manipulated by unwanted users.

We hope we’ve helped you make your PDF private and saved you time figuring out how do I save a PDF with a confidential watermark file with a private watermark.


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