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tattoo ideas for women

With thousands of different tattoo ideas on the internet, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to come up with or choose Interesting Ideas For Tattoo Designs that match your personality. No one wants to have the same figure as another person.

A tattoo is really something that shows who you are and your personality. We all have different meanings for the tattoo we get. It could be something about our children, parents, spouse, or even a beloved pet. The tattoo ideas you come up with are an extension of you and your feelings.

1) Butterfly tattoo

To me, butterfly tattoos are in the same category as hummingbird tattoos. These are very beautiful tattoos for women and girls, but you will not often see them on men. What a great tattoo artist can achieve with the depth of color for a butterfly tattoo is amazing.

For many, the symbolism of the butterfly is centered on its unique transformation. From one existence as a slow and crawling caterpillar, then to a sleeping and captive pupa or cocoon, and finally, rebirth into a light and airy winged creature, the metamorphosis of the butterfly is one of its most powerful and sublime meanings.

2) Cross tattoo

A cross tattoo is something you will see as a tattoo for men, but you see many women have cross tattoos.

Cross tattoos can mean so many different things to so many different people that it’s really hard for me to understand what a cross tattoo represents, I don’t want to offend anyone.

The different designs and combinations of tattoos that anyone can come up with using the cross as the main symbol are limitless.

As an example, you can add a hummingbird and a flower to the tattoo to make it a little different.

3) Dragon tattoo designs

Dragon tattoo designs, now this is where things can get really interesting. Dragon tattoos include so much detail that it can be difficult to find a really good tattoo artist who can create a dragon tattoo design. This is a great tattoo idea for anyone and is one of my all-time favorites.

Dragons are some of the most popular mythological creatures around. You can even meet dragons in many popular movies. They come from various legends about fire-breathing, winged creatures.

For many people, myself included, the dragon represents;

1) Courage and strength.

2) Undeniable raw power and strength.

3) Guardians of life and shrines.

4) Wisdom and intelligence.

I hope that maybe I have given you some ideas for tattoos that you can get or even add to the look that you already have.

Tattoo design online

Interesting Ideas For Tattoo Designs online is becoming very popular. It saves you hours of sitting in the tattoo parlor looking at the endless tattoo ideas your tattoo artist has, and there are many websites where you can do this.

Tattoo ideas for me

So you’re about to get a tattoo. Maybe your first or just an extension of your collection, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I find tattoo ideas?”

The answer is: in a huge number of places.

Years ago, the only place to get tattoos and ideas was, you guessed it, the tattoo parlor. You walked into the busy waiting room, nervously pacing around, looking at the walls and posters, trying to avoid the gaze of the other dodgy customers waiting in line.

If you were really brave, you would sit in the crowd and look through some makeshift photo albums. More often than not, they were filled with images of real-life versions of the tattoo flash you just saw on the walls.

You’ll find the design as soon as possible before the tattoo artist catches your eye and demands to know what you want to be inked. More often than not, by the time the ink was dry, you wanted to choose something else.

Sound familiar? Well, maybe not, but that was the experience I had as a child when I first got a tattoo. In retrospect, I didn’t choose the friendliest tattoo artist in town, but then there wasn’t much to choose from in the area.

Today everything is different. Tattoo parlors appeared everywhere. The competition for your orders is huge. Tattoo artists will upload their flash designs and their work to websites for your perusal.

Explore religions, there are many beautiful designs used in tattoo art all over the world.

Look at buildings, books, television, movies, and advertising. Some of the most beautiful design work can be found simply by expanding your horizons.

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