3 Tricks to Grow your Custom Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette Boxes

3 Tricks to Grow your Custom Cigarette Boxes. Currently, 19 percent of adults smoke tobacco around the world. However, by the year 2030, it is estimated that about 17 percent of people will smoke tobacco more as compared to the 21 percent in the year 2015.

According to the research young adults smoke more. About 23 percent of the age bracket lies in 16-24 and the 24 percentage bracket lies in the 25 to 34 age group.

With the rising demand for e-cigarettes, there is also an increased demand for pre-roll cigarettes. What are the pre-roll cigarettes? The standard pre-roll comprises a wrapper and a cannabis filter as well.

However, adopt the following tricks to transform your Custom Pre-roll cigarette boxes :

Material is the Backbone of the Box

Don’t skip the selection of the material while modifying the box. Adopt the sustainable material approach while structuring the custom cigarette packaging. Never go for plastic material packaging as it is harmful to the environment and it takes more than 400 years for plastic to be decomposed.

However, to save the environment, sustainable material boxes are best to select. The kraft and cardstock cigarette boxes will look outstanding. There are various advantages of utilizing both material boxes. Such as, these both material boxes are best for local shipments and are lightweight as well.

Select a Convenient Shape and Style of the Box

When it comes to the custom cigarette box packaging you have to look for its convenient shape for the users. Most users keep the cigarette box within their pockets. So, it should be outstanding in shape that they don’t feel any kind of difficulty while placing it in their pockets.

Normally cigarette boxes follow a design of a dispenser and a lid comes at top of it for closing. So, in terms of creating uniqueness in your design, you can reduce the thickness of the box so people can easily put the custom cigarette box within their pocket.

Customize the Artwork

After deciding the shape of the box, now go for customizing the artwork. However, the thin rectangular shape cigarette box can Modi in a great way.

You can utilize presentable ways to alter the outlook of the boxes. Spot UV is an enticing feature through with you can display the name of your cigarette brand on the box.

Moreover, you can also go for selecting gold, copper, or silver foiling to create a difference

You can also take help from the packaging company. However, there are experts available within the packaging company who can help you.

So, take the assistance of experts by hiring a competent packaging company. There are templates offered by the experts for design and font styling, but if you don’t like the offered template you can convey your own designed artwork as well.

So, in order to have great custom cigarette boxes just hire a good packaging company. After hiring the one ask for the prototypes in flat view, 3d mock-up or physical sampling for your better understanding. You can stand your cigarette brand unique in the market by offering convenient shape boxes and by adaptation of enticing artwork.

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