5 Genius Tips to Outsmart Pickpockets in Europe


Pickpockets are a serious threat to your trip to Europe. Pickpockets are a serious problem that affects thousands of tourists each year. No one wants to lose their vacation trying to cancel credit cards, replace their passports, or find alternative ways to access their money. There are many things that you can do to avoid becoming a pickpocketing victim. In this article we will reveal some of the most genius tips to outsmart pickpockets while traveling in Europe. In the meanwhile, take your time to check out ETIAS website for EU entry regulations.

Be Aware of Usual Pickpocketing Areas

It’s not surprising that pickpockets are frequent tourist hot spots, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Trevi Fountain in Rome. Tourists are naturally more interested in taking photos and seeing the sights than they are about being aware of their surroundings.

Pickpockets love to pickpocket on city buses and subways. I have seen plenty of pickpockets in Paris Metro stations. Pickpockets love public transportation. It is packed and easy for thieves create confusion. Because there are many exit points for pickpockets, they can target large subway stations and metro stations.

Europe’s most visited museums fill up quickly in summer and there will be some pickpockets. Although most pickpockets are discouraged by the admission fee, they still prey on innocent visitors who simply enjoy the art. Never, ever let your valuables go on the beach when you’re going for a swim. This is an incredibly common mistake. Consider bringing a portable safe to keep it safe.

Never Put All Your Money in the Pocket or Purse

If you have all of your money in your wallet and it is stolen, you will be in serious trouble if you travel alone to a foreign country.

Credit cards have an emergency cash system that can be used to send you money in case your card is stolen. However, you must first make an international call before you can use this feature. Instead of relying on this, why don’t you leave the house with either your ATM card or your credit card?

Don’t Be Flashy

Although it may seem obvious, it is worth repeating. Do not boast about your possessions. Never flash cash or valuables while waiting in line on the street. It’s risky enough to go to crime hotspots. You don’t need to dress like a million dollars. A jacket with inner pockets is a must-have. You can layer it for colder days and it will be suitable for the climate.

While you’re out and about, keep your passport, hotel key (hotel key), phone, and wallet in your pockets. Crossbody bags and backpacks are great for me when I visit crowded places.

Make Copies of Important Documents and Cards

Even the most experienced travelers can be sloppy. Don’t be surprised if you are pickpocketed. Pickpocketing can happen to anyone. However, how you deal with the situation after-the fact can help protect your credit rating and identity.

Make copies of important papers and credit card numbers before you leave for your trip. Even better, you should be able to remember your credit card numbers and the number on the card’s back so that fraud protection can be called. You don’t want to have too many numbers floating around your head, so keep the fraud protection numbers and the phone number at the hotel. As soon as you notice that your cards are missing, call and cancel them immediately. Most cases, you won’t be held responsible by your creditors for fraudulent charges.

Have a Back-up Wallet (As a Decoy)

Late at night, someone approaches you on a street in Sri Lanka asking for your wallet. Willingly, you fork over your decoy wallet. You carry it on your person as a second wallet with expired credit cards and an old ID. It also contains a small amount cash you are happy to give away. They think it’s your real wallet. You walk away with just a few dollars and old cards that you don’t really care about.

Pickpockets will often look at your clothes, your carry-alls, and your behavior. You’re a target if you appear like a tourist. Pickpockets will only be interested in your decoy wallet if you have it in your back pocket. Even though thieves might think they have outsmarted and taken everything you own, you were actually a step ahead.


Stolen money or property can ruin a life-changing trip. Although you cannot always avoid the unavoidable, there are many ways to reduce the chance of your stuff being stolen abroad. This is why in this article we have shared some of the genius tips to outsmart pickpockets while traveling. We are sure these tips will help you to stay safe and avoid getting robbed.

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