5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Right Away!

how to start online business with no money

For each one of us out there, running an online business happens to be a Golden dream – a dream that promises to take financial hardships away, while giving you the liberty to be your own boss!

The idea of having an online business is enticing and more possible than ever, but many entrepreneurs fail to get to the starting line!

The essential step to start a business is to come up with an idea that matches your skill, strengths, and most importantly your interest!

On the odds that you are quietly contemplating the idea of getting started with something of your own, we are here to help!

In the guide below, you would be looking at the most productive, yet easiest online business to begin with.

So entrepreneurs and start-ups, what are you waiting for? Dive into the guide now!

1.  Social Media marketing agency

Are you one of those who’ve got a knack for having a reputable online presence? Do the number of likes, shares, retweets, clicks, and followers fascinate you? Then making a career out of it might be the best thing that you have ever done for yourself!

With a little homework, you would be able to find numerous mobile app development companies struggling to maintain a reputable online presence. Just like the App marketing solutions the company provides, you can provide them with a marketing strategy that would bring them a heaping amount of profits, and bring their company to the forefront.

Pitch in your strategy, make your client fall in love with your service – and see your marketing agency grow!

2.  Design development company

Got an aesthetic eye? Know what modern people can’t overlook in a design? Have what it takes to make your design speak volumes for you? Then opening up a design agency might open a door of success for you.

The designing field happens to be a vast arena. Let it be logo designing, poster designing, or social media post designing, if your work is unique, appealing, and eye-catching, the spotlight would always be available for you.

Target small-scale companies first. Try to find out the loopholes in their designs, offer the company one or two of your designs, build up the trust, and land that company as your potential lead.

For your assistance, we would recommend you try online platforms like Upwork and Behance and start your design career right away!

3.  Mobile app development

Did you notice a trend yet? Irrespective of the business niche, every business and startup is looking forward to having a business app to serve its consumers well.

Considering that, getting started with a mobile app development company of your own can bring you a heaping amount of profits.

Sure, with tech giants in the gameplay, why would a business go with your mobile app development services? Let us tell you.

The development cost of these tech giants can’t be afforded by many, especially by fresh entrepreneurs and startups. If you would be offering the same services within an affordable price range, it will surely lure some leads your way.

If you are a coding fanatic and have a knack for giving simple solutions for complex problems, then you might have a good career in mobile app development.

4.  Online photography studio!

The talented individuals who are gifted with extraordinary photography skills, it’s about time you turn your passion into a paycheck.

Thinking about this idea opens up a sea of opportunities for you. From here, you can take two pathways. Either you can have a website of your own, and fill it with the images that you have clicked or edited. This way you would be getting paid for every picture that a visitor downloads from your website. Or the other option you have is sharing your lens with a website that pays a good amount of money.

Didn’t understand? Wait, let us explain. Many of us need visuals from the internet to make our project or presentation eye-catching.

What you can do is you can upload your captured images on an online photo website like Shutterstock. Whenever someone downloads your picture from the website, you would be getting a commission for that.

No matter which way you get into it, if your picture is outstanding, you would getting paid either way, irrespective of the chosen platform!

5.  Ecommerce website design company

No matter how astonishing a business is, without a quality online presence, it won’t be able to reach the potential it deserves – even a mobile app alone won’t be able to do anything.

Just like every food is incomplete with salt, every business isn’t complete without a website.

This means that if you only get started with an eCommerce website development company, then the chances of scaling you have are extremely high!

Over time eCommerce has become so versatile that you even don’t have to come up with extensions of your own. As everything is easily available over the internet.

If you have the art to synchronize services in an even manner – while making it attractive for the visitor. Then this niche might suit perfectly with your taste.


Who doesn’t wants to get financial freedom in today’s era? Everyone does – and having an online business of your own happens to be the only way out.

But when you step into the online business world. It would seem like every exciting idea has already been taken, but this really isn’t the case.

Even if the idea you have is already being followed by someone else. You can still innovate it and launch it into the market. Who knows you might become the next competitor.

Having said that, the ideas that we have mentioned above are easy to pursue. Try the one that suits best your preference, and start walking towards your dream right away! Read more

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