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  You try your hardest to make an event special for the participants when you plan it. But it can be difficult to sell tickets to visitors. The process of selling tickets requires time and work. Additionally, ticketing has gotten more and more expensive for event planners, and many choose to accept fewer ticket sales to make up for the high costs. However, there are a number of low-cost online event registration platforms available to assist in organizing amazing events and guarantee a simple, trouble-free experience for everyone involved.

One of the many ticketing tools available today will help your event go off without a hitch, whether you’re hosting a corporate conference or a musical concert. Finding the finest event ticketing platforms with the lowest prices for your event might be difficult with so many options to consider. You can locate the best online event registration and ticketing platform in this session.

What is event ticketing software?

The initial purpose of event ticketing software was to replace the laborious procedure of picking up the phone and making a reservation with a sales representative. Slots or tickets are simultaneously offered online with the help of event ticketing software, and inventories are updated as tickets sell. Additionally, buyers receive an email confirmation instantly and, occasionally, alert messages in the hours or days prior to the event. All of these with little to no involvement from the organizer. Online event registration software comes in a variety of designs and serves a wide range of use cases, each with its own unique needs.

Top event ticketing platform


Eventcube is a powerful ticketing and event management tool that is also highly user-friendly and reasonably priced. You may put up events and begin selling tickets utilizing all of the system capabilities when you register for a free account on Eventcube. These consist of upsell features, flexible payment arrangements, reserved seating, and group savings.

Due to its strong rep system, Eventcube distinguishes itself from its ticketing rivals. For a nominal commission, Ticket Reps, who are renowned brand ambassadors, may assist you in increasing attendance at your events. A customized rep link is used to track conversions, and transparency is assured by giving reps a live view of their efforts. The ideal event ticketing platform is Eventcube if you are collaborating with influencers. The software’s Sold Out Marketplace functions are another amazing feature. This is the location where ticket buyers can safely resell their tickets and get prompt refunds. This takes the questionable, shady tickets out of the equation and allows event organizers to maintain their brand integrity while earning more from non-refundable booking fees.


Another event registration platform with a lengthy range of robust ticketing and event marketing tools is Dreamcast. The audience interaction capabilities on this platform are much more varied, enabling you to interact, speak with, and involve your audience in real time. The availability of many payment methods is another significant aspect of Dreamcast. Dreamcast will take care of you. The software is renowned for its extensive virtual event marketplace, where event planners from all over the world may post their events and welcome clients from other countries. By including a location in your event, you can potentially attract those who are looking for excitement nearby.

Additionally, you can use Dreamcast’s reporting tools to analyze the data after your event done to determine the most effective promotion channels, the best-selling events and ticket tiers, and the most reliable traffic sources.


The main focus of the event ticketing program ThunderTix is the incorporation of outside marketing tools. You can advertise events using ThunderTix-provided event links, sell tickets from your Facebook page, and embed your event list onto your website using the widget. ThunderTix gives you the choice to modify your email templates so that the email accurately conveys the tone of your company.


Cvent is one of the best event ticketing platforms that incorporates event booking quite closely. It must be because Cvent hosts business conferences, which means that every person on their guest list has been thoroughly screened and has been guaranteed nothing less than first-rate customer service. The registration process at Cvent is excellent. It is intuitive, completely branded, and mobile-responsive. You may thank Cvent’s integrated drag-and-drop site builder for that. However, the booking page does more than just compile attendee data. In order to fully inform guests of what to expect, it doubles as an agenda board and marketing tool. The best part is that it has automatic workflows that enable you to retarget appropriate audiences and segregate your guests for networking.


Bizzabo is a great choice if you’re looking for all-in-one event management software that can handle numerous busy events each year. Since the organization works with medium-sized and large businesses, you can be sure that they provide excellent customer service. The cost of this focus is considerable, though. One of the more expensive event-planning software alternatives available calle Bizzabo. However, the additional expense might be justified by the peace of mind you’ll experience as a result of having access to a vast array of event management tools, including an advanced ticketing and registration system.

At Bizzabo, the array of event marketing options at your disposal includes more than just registration. They don’t believe that simply recording client data and leaving it at that is sufficient. The registration process must be seamless to increase conversions while also being flexible enough to allow event organizers to embed external widgets and create new websites from scratch.


Accelevents is an affordable event registration system. For those hosting events, it provides a wide range of services. Event organizers can start by personalizing their event website and adding unique ticket and registration options to offer to attendees. Additionally, Accelevents has certain integrations with their collection of fundraising tools, including text-to-donate campaigns, donation pages, and mobile silent auctions. You may sell tickets to your fundraising event and collect donations or bids for an auction at the same time thanks to the platform’s integration of its fundraising suite with the event ticketing features.

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