7 best eyebrow tattoos for young females

eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrows play an important role in shaping our faces. However, most people are dissatisfied with their brows look, so they consider giving them a new permanent look with eyebrow tattoos. An eyebrow tattoo is a permanent application of special makeup that can completely change how your face looks. With the right eyebrow tattoo technique, you can make your brows thicker, thinner, an arch, a nicer shape, and so on. When it comes to eyebrow tattoo techniques, there are a few, and not all of them work for everybody. If you are considering treating yourself with eyebrow tattoos, we recommend reading this post to learn more about the seven best eyebrow tattoos for young females.

We will start with a simple, semi-permanent eyebrow tinting technique – a little color is perhaps everything you need. Moreover, we’ll talk about the different eyebrow tattoo techniques such as microblading, micro feathering, powder brows, and microshading – they are all similar but differ in some important aspects. There are also other options, such as henna brows and eyebrow lamination. As these are permanent (in most cases) and semi-permanent eyebrow techniques, you should consider them carefully before deciding which one is best for you.

1.   Tinting

If you are not satisfied with the colour of your brows but you like the shape and don’t want to change it considerably, then perhaps you should consider eyebrow tinting. It is semi-permanent and lasts up to a few weeks when you need to redo it. It is, in fact, a vegetable-based tint that is used to shape and define brows, adding colour to them. When this technique is done in the right way, it creates a very natural brow look. Tinting is a great option for anyone who wants to cover grey hairs or make their brows look fuller. Also, tinting can be done over the entire brows or just in some specific areas.

2.   Microblading

Another popular form of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo is microblading. This technique uses tiny, fine-point needles to implant semi-permanent pigment into your skin. As the technician used fine, feather-like strokes, the result is natural, fuller-looking brows. The implantation depth depends on the technician and the pigment they use. Brows that are shaped using this technique last from 12 to 18 months. After that, you can do some touch-ups to freshen them up a bit. Microblading as an eyebrow tattoo technique is best used in cases of thin or bald eyebrows as well as to cover up scars.

3.   Micro feathering

Micro feathering, on the other hand, is an eyebrow tattoo technique that uses precise hair-like incisions to implement dye in the top layer of the skin. This technique is done without the use of machines or special tattoo guns. The procedure starts with numbing the area with a topical cream, after which small incisions are created with a special, very precise blade by hand. What follows is a deposition of tint into these incisions, which gives the final look of natural-appearing brow hair. This technique is much more suitable for women who have plenty of brow hair, in contrast to microblading, which is more suitable for people who lack brow hair.

4.   Powder brows

Powder brows are also known as ombre brows. When it comes to permanence, this technique is also semi-permanent as microblading. As we already mentioned, microblading uses a hand tool to create hair-like strokes that imitate the look of real eyebrow hairs. On the other hand, powder brows are done with a small digital machine that is held by hand and deposits colour in between brow hairs. The result is a powdery look similar to when you fill your brows with a powder shadow, hence the name. Sometimes, these two techniques are even combined to give brows a fuller look.

5.   Microshading

Microshading is similar to powder brows. It is also done with a handheld machine to fill in the brow area that needs more filling than microblading can fill. The effects last from 1 to 3 years, even though you will probably need to touch them up after 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure. Microshading is a great option for women who already have microbladed brows. Wish to fill or even out the colour.

6.   Henna brows

Another way to boost your brows is with henna, a form of eyebrow dying that involves using henna. Henna is a tint derived from plants and it is used to stain the skin underneath your brows. When you use henna to tint your brows, the dye lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. Additionally, it is also great for covering up grey hair. However, be mindful – henna won’t last as long as 2 to 4 weeks if you have oily skin. Henna is a perfect option for those with dense, fluffy brows and sensitive skin.

7.   Eyebrow lamination

Another plausible eyebrow technique is eyebrow lamination. It is one of the most recent eyebrow grooming procedures that enable brow hairs to be set in an even shape and redirected. Creating a thicker, fuller look to the brow. It’s almost like a perm for the brows. Before deciding which option is right for you, read all the different procedures and consult an eyebrow tattoo specialist for advice on the best brow technique for you.

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