7 Reasons Why PHP is Go-To Language for Web Development

With the rise of new web development programming languages and frameworks, some developers may wonder if PHP is still relevant. Despite the increased competition, PHP has remained a popular choice for web development. According to w3techs, 77.5% of all websites use PHP with a server-side programming language. So, nearly 8 out of every 10 websites you visit on the Internet use PHP in some way. 

There are some convincing reasons why PHP for web development is popular among developers. Read below to understand it better.

Top 7 Reasons Why PHP is Still the Go-To Language for Web Development

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The following are the reasons why you should choose PHP for web development.

Open Source

PHP programming language is free for web developers to use. There are no licensing costs for web developers to use a programming language. It is executed on the server, implying that it is run on the web server. 

With open-source features, PHP developers can simply learn about scripting code on web platforms. There are numerous PHP-based web solutions whose practical use has been thoroughly proven. Therefore, improving the language’s functionality does not require much time or effort.

Dynamic Structure

PHP employs fewer codes with maximum dynamism than sophisticated and long coding languages. It uses HTML tags that eliminate any form of complicated order maintenance. You can hire web developers to write code between the tags. Therefore, they do not need to create functions or codes in any particular order. 

PHP is also very popular among new developers, as it is very easy to learn. It includes some pretty practical functionality it permits reusing a similar code for a similar functionality which avoids any need to rewrite complex and lengthy codes for comparable functions.

Compatible with Linux and Windows

PHP includes a wide number of libraries. It supports a wide range of database and caching engines. You can also host it on your Windows and Linux servers. It began as a server module for Apache, then evolved into CGI, FastCGI, and finally PHP-FPM. PHP is now supported by the considerably quicker Nginx web server.

As a result, you must hire PHP developers as setting the language becomes a much larger option when evaluating the available resources and requirements.

Easy Learning Curve

Working on PHP projects is quick and uncomplicated. Thus, developing websites or applications takes little time. PHP has the shortest learning curve due to its approach’s flexibility and most novices favour it as its language constructs are simple to grasp.

However, you can always consider employing PHP development companies for your website development.

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Works well with CMS

One significant advantage of using PHP as your web development technology is that it is extensively used in a variety of CMSs. Popular Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, and others are developed in PHP or run on a PHP-based foundation.

You will be able to work with a variety of CMSs if you hire PHP developers for your PHP website development project. A PHP-based content management system can be used to construct highly customized websites.

Cloud Compatibility

Cloud compatibility is gradually being an added benefit to a basic requirement. The capacity to access anything from anywhere, especially from the standpoint of a developer, is critical in today’s world. The pandemic contributed to the developers’ growing distance, but the issue has now turned into an opportunity. 

PHP’s security features, progressive online application development, and simple coding structure enable it to operate admirably on cloud computing. With customization, various PHP development companies can deploy and remove servers as needed. While these practices are common today, PHP enabled cloud customization years ago.


With PHP 7, security and speed have been greatly improved. If you use a competent PHP framework like Laravel and follow web security rules for programmers, most security problems that web applications face can be avoided. You can also hire website development services to get a professional perspective.

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Key Takeaways

Despite the emergence of new languages and frameworks, PHP’s ability to manage complicated online applications, interface with databases and other technologies, and deliver safe and efficient web development solutions makes it a developer’s first option. 

With these things in mind, it’s safe to predict that PHP will remain a dominant force in web development for the foreseeable future. To get professional web application development services, you can hire web developers to construct the ideal website or web app to fit your individual needs.

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