7 Reasons You Should Call a Heating Repair Professional

Heating Repair

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re left out in the cold. If you notice any of these seven warning signs, it’s time to call a Heating repair Chapel Hill NC professional.

Strange noises

Whether it’s a banging, popping, or squealing noise, if your heater is making sounds it shouldn’t be, then it’s time to get it checked out.

Weird smells

If you smell something burning or gas, shut off your heater immediately and call for help.

Not enough heat

If your home isn’t reaching the temperature you set on your thermostat, then chances are your heater isn’t working as efficiently as it used to.

High heating bills

If your energy bills have been higher than normal, it could be because your heater is working overtime to heat your home.

Something just isn’t right

If you can’t put your finger on what the problem is but you know something is wrong, trust your gut and give us a call.

Your heater is constantly on the fritz

If you find yourself constantly resetting your breaker or relighting your pilot light, then it might be time for a new heater.

It’s broken down completely

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your heater has stopped working entirely, then give us a call and we’ll send someone over as soon as possible.


If you notice any of these seven warning signs, don’t wait – pick up the phone and call a heating repair professional today. The sooner you catch a problem, the easier (and cheaper) it will be to fix. Trust us, you don’t want to be left out in the cold this winter!


What is the significance of heating repair?

When your furnace is working effectively and without problems, your entire home will feel much more comfortable. Furnace difficulties may lead to a variety of concerns, including decreased air quality and an increased risk of a fire.

When should you have your heating system serviced?

Once a year, get your HVAC systems inspected by a professional. So, if you have a standard central air conditioner or a furnace, you should maintain each of these units once a year. If you have a heat pump system that you use all year, this service should be scheduled every 6 months.

Why is it necessary to have the right to repair?

It is critical that people have the ability to fix their own gadgets. It will save consumers money by allowing them to repair their devices rather than buying new ones. This reduces device waste and the environmental issues linked with technology waste.

What exactly is repaired, and why is it important?

The international Right to Repair campaign seeks to safeguard our repair alternatives and avoid repair constraints. The three major aims of Freedom to Repair legislation are to preserve the right to open your goods, increase the availability of the parts and tools you need, and keep independent repair businesses in the business.

How long do most heating systems last?

Remember that the average HVAC system lifespan ranges from 10 to 25 years, depending on your environment and the sort of heating. Cooling system you have. However, if your HVAC system has been overworked owing to improper insulation and undesired airflow. It may last less time (due to unsealed air leaks).

What goes into heating maintenance?

Furnace maintenance, also known as furnace tune-up, entails inspecting, cleaning, adjusting, lubricating, and testing all of the system’s critical components. Homeowners can opt to get their furnaces serviced at least once a year or before the cold season begins.

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