7 Ultimate Reasons To Buy a Tree in Ahmedabad

Trees have always proved to be an asset to any property. Besides being pleasing to the eye, they also have various other benefits. At Catch Foundation, Our team’s passion to care about the tree continues to grow because we have seen lots of positives of fostering proper tree growth & care. Below we are providing reasons why you should adopt or buy a tree!

1) They provide food

Trees provide us with fruits like papaya, mangoes, peaches, coconuts & many more. Apart from providing these delicious fruits, they also provide some of the common & famous spices like cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves. Finally, but the most important thing is that they also provide maple syrup & cocoa.

2) They help in protecting the land

Trees always protect the earth from natural calamities & man-made calamities like soil erosion, fires, wind & flooding. Trees also get used as barriers, windbreaks & fences by forest garden farmers. They simply make use of a technique known as the ” living fence” which has proved to be useful in the creation of green walls for the improvement of their soil, boundary, keeping their livestock out & last but not least. To redirect heavy rains.

3) They help us breathe

Buy a tree because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the air we breathe. The existence of life would be almost impossible without them. They are also helpful in reducing smog, airborne particles from the air. Thus purifying the air we breathe leads to improved respiratory health. Their air-purifying capability is what benefits us the most.

4) They provide shade & shelter

Nothing can be better than an old tree with an expansive canopy providing shade during a sunny & hot day. Forest garden farmers often conduct meetings & training under a tree. They also act as a natural air conditioner & help in slowing down the process of evaporation from the soil. Were you aware of the fact that a single tree can cool effect equivalent to ten room-sized air conditioners working all day!

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5) Natural playground

If there is no playground in your area, do not worry! Trees provide you with an opportunity to climb & explore them. This helps in developing gross motor skills in children & also encourages them to take risks. Adults can climb trees to maintain their fitness & to build their strength. Felled trees can act as a balanced beam & a tall tree can be used for a good lookout or hideout during playtime.

6) Encouragement of biodiversity

Buy a tree because they act as a shelter for many animals, birds & insects. They are often used by Garden farmers as a place to build hives to attract bees to their land which assists in the collection of honey & pollination. We currently are losing many species at a very high rate so space for biodiversity is extremely important as it helps in keeping our planet thriving.

7) Provides sustainable woods

While other energy sources like solar are ideal but still the majority of the world relies on wood for cooking meals & boiling water for purification. One can easily argue that growing trees for the production of wood or fuel competes with the production of food but in the forest garden model. These two can co-exist & complement each other very well. This way deforestation won’t increase due to the cutting down of ancient forests by the farmers. They can use a sustainable way to grow fast-growing timber trees on their plot.


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