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You are selecting a company that sells or provides electricity when you select a new electric provider. This is known as a Retail Electric Provider. These companies mobile recharge online from other power plants and deliver electricity to your home or workplace over the same wires and poles as those in your area today.

Your local utility (now called a local wires firm) still provides the actual distribution of electricity. Your local wires company will still be responsible for maintaining the poles, wires, and electricity that supply your home or business in a competitive electric market.

While you may have different Retail Electric Providers from your neighbors, all of them will have the same local wires provider.
The Commissioners have a very important message for you about Electric Choice and the reliability of your electric service. – 01/05

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You can call the following number if you have an emergency or a power outage
Your Retail Electric Provider will connect you to the local wires companies or help to fix the problem.
Your electric bill will include a number for emergencies and repairs.
As you are today, your local wires company.


HOUSTON, TEXAS (June 6, 2006 Transcript)

If families in our region switch to an online service, they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Energy provider, that charges less You know what? Most people won’t change and we have wondered why.

How To Make More Mobile Recharge By Doing Less

why. Jeremy Diesel, an 11 News reporter, shows us the results. You can choose.
You can save hundreds of dollars each year by using the power that is cheaper than you think. Reliant Energy has been in existence for just over 25% of Houston’s residents since the Texas electricity deregulation. The price it is forced to charge is usually the highest.

Minnie Lee Coleman is just like many others. “If it becomes unbearable here, I will cut it off.
I need something else to pay my electric bills. “Because I don’t like the idea of paying half my electric bill and half mine.” Last night, she shared her story.
her willingness to make sacrifices. But she is not willing to give up Reliant in exchange for a lower price. “I don’t trust them. And
that’s it.”


How To Buy A Mobile Recharge On A Shoestring Budget

Bill White, Houston Mayor, is aiming to educate. “They shouldn’t question reliability as long as they are keeping their word.”
The lights are on, or what happens in a storm? Who is going to cut the power?
Let’s be clear: Reliant Energy was split into two entities when deregulation occurred five years ago.
Separate companies. Reliant, which sells power, and Centerpoint, which delivers it. CenterPoint
Owns power lines, maintains them, and reads meters regardless of who you are.
Provider is.

Its CenterPoint restores power to those who are without it during storms. Not the power provider
you pay. All power companies Reliant, TXU Green Mountain, Commerce, and more than a dozen others
Others all contributed their energy to the Texas grid. The Texas grid then uses it. CenterPoint will read your meter
It shows you the amount that was used. CenterPoint forwards this information to your provider, who will bill you.
It doesn’t affect the reliability of who you buy your power. It can impact your ability to make decisions.
Bottom line

Questions – General

Q: What is the most consistent thing about electric service?

A: Your current Transmission and Distribution Utility (or “local wires company”) continue to supply electricity to your home. Your local wires company is still available to respond to service interruptions and maintains the poles. No matter which Retail Electric Provider, you will still receive the same reliable service that you have come to expect from your local wires company.

Q: What have you noticed in the electric service industry?

A: You have the option to purchase your electricity from another electric provider than your local provider. These companies are known as Retail Electric Providers. Your bill may look different now than it did in the past but every Retail Electric Provider still provides the same information.

Q: Can all Texans choose their electric provider?

A: No. A: No. Member-owned electric cooperatives and city-owned utilities have the option to offer their customers different providers or keep things as they are. Call 1-866-PWR-4TEX (1-856 797 4839) to find out if there is competition in your area.

Q: What are the advantages of Electric Choice?

A: Texas’ electric rates compare to the rest of America, but our electricity usage is the highest in the country due to high summer heat and demand for air conditioners. In other industries, there has been more competition which has resulted in lower prices and new and better products and services. You will be able to make more informed buying decisions.

Electric competition should also help the environment, as Retail Electric Providers have to offer energy from renewable sources. Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and natural gas, produce less pollution than those that rely on burning coal or other fossil fuels.

Texas’s power market is one the most attractive for new investments in the country

Since 1995, 47 new power plants were built or are under construction in Texas. This is almost one-fourth of the number of power plants that have been constructed or planned. These properties are worth $10 billion. These plants create jobs, sales, and tax revenue for local Texas communities.

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