9 Ridiculous Rules About Best Hard Shell Suitcases

9 Ridiculous Rules About Best Hard Shell Suitcases

The best hard-shell suitcases offer complete protection from the elements, so it’s a great option for travelers who want to keep their gear safe. These cases are typically made from polycarbonate, a non-porous material that resists water, rain, and even humidity.

They also have TSA-friendly locks, which help add a little extra peace of mind on long travel days. But there are a few things to consider before you decide on which type of luggage is right for you.

They’re too heavy

The best hard shell suitcase are made of high-tech plastics such as polycarbonate and ABS. These materials are incredibly lightweight but also sturdier than aluminum, offering better protection against damage from luggage handlers.

Some of these bags can also be sanitized and treated to repel liquids, which is a great feature for any traveler! However, the outer shells can still be prone to staining and should be cleaned properly.

They’re too expensive

When you’re traveling, your best hard shell suitcase goes through a lot. It’s pulled out of the closet, stuffed with your new vacation clothes, shoved into the trunk, rolled across the airport conveyor belt, and eventually shoving it into your carry-on bag.

To help protect your belongings, you might want to consider buying the best hard shell suitcase. These are typically made of polycarbonate, which is strong and durable, but also easy to wipe clean.

They’re too hard to clean

While hard shell luggage is a popular choice, it can also be difficult to clean. It’s easy to get stains and dirt on the exterior of a case, as well as scuffs from rough handling.

The best thing to do is to wipe the best hard shell suitcase down with water, a gentle detergent, and a sponge or cloth as necessary. You can even make a cleaning solution of vinegar and baking soda for the most stubborn dirt and stains.

They’re too small

The best hard shell suitcases are made from high-strength polycarbonate and feature a number of features like telescoping handles, compression systems, and TSA-approved locks.

Hard-sided luggage can be the best option for travelers who plan to bring along breakable or valuable items. However, they can also scuff and scratch easily.

They’re too big

While hard-shell luggage might be an old hat, they still have a place in many a traveler’s heart. Not only are they good-looking pieces of luggage, but they also provide much-needed protection for all your prized possessions.

The best hard shell luggage is made of polycarbonate, a thermoplastic known for its durability and resistance to impact. It’s also the material of choice for most high-end luggage makers, including top line manufacturers like Samsonite and Rimowa.

They’re too expensive

best hard shell suitcases cost several hundred dollars more than soft-shell suitcases, so you need to be sure you take proper care of them. If you don’t, they’ll likely become ruined or destroyed.

They’re also prone to scratches and scuffs from being tossed around and dragged through airport terminals. If you prefer a pristine travel companion, go for a dark-colored soft-style best hard shell suitcase. Mrguestposting

They’re too small

Unlike their soft-shell counterparts, hard-shell bags are engineered to withstand the wear and tear of frequent travelers. A quality model can last a lifetime and if you take care of it, will be the envy of your friends. Thankfully, they’re easy to keep looking their best by putting them in the right places.

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