A Proper Guide to Planning an Andaman Trip from Coimbatore

Andaman trip from Coimbatore

Andaman and Nicobar are the group of gorgeous islands in the Bay of Bengal. There are many places to visit such as Havelock island, Port Blair and Diglipur. You will love the sunsets, beaches, wildlife, and bird watching here. There are also many tour and travels that provide deals to visit Andaman. You can get your Andaman tour package from Coimbatore with these travels. These deals comes with a price that will be in your budget. Moreover, you will get to explore many sights with Andaman trip from Coimbatore.

Havelock island, a prime sight

Havelock island is one of the prime site of Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is famous for its pristine beauty that is unmatched. This island has pure natural beauty with virgin forests. It is a place with large greenery, sandy beaches and blue vast ocean.

This island also has luxury resorts and hotel for a comfy stay. You will enjoy the must visit Radha nagar beach and Elephant beach of this island. Moreover, the beauty of the beaches combine with its setting spread against the jungle.

Neil island, a scenic heaven

Neil island is very scenic and heaven like place. It has dazzling white sand beaches and green forests. This island can be reached from Port Blair and Havelock island. You can take ferry services of various classes to reach here. The island offers its own appeal with some very famous beaches and crystal clear waters.

The water and sands produce millions of wildlife and corals. Moreover, this islands offers glass bottom boat ride other than Snorkelling and Scuba Diving. You will enjoy relaxing on beaches and watching sunsets and sunrises here.

Baratang, a remote island

Baratang island is famous its hidden beaches, mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes and limestone caves. All these things of this island are unique and worth a visit. The experience of mud volcanoes and limestone caves are so puzzling. You will also need to take permit to explore limestone caves.

This island attracts lots of travellers and tourists for its beauty. The sights of this place will give you experience of life in its earliest form. Moreover, you will get to spend some time in harmony with nature and its wonders.

Viper island

Rangat is a large island in the middle of Andaman. It is blessed with pristine beaches, lush green plants, waterfalls, flora and fauna. This island has a small population of down to earth people of Tamilnadu and Kerala. The main occupation of these people are fishing and farming here.

Rangat is a spot for nature lovers and tourists who want to visit unexplored places. Moreover, the sea breezes and warm sunshine on beaches will offer a sense of peace. This place also offers green forests and clear blue skies.

Ross and Smith island

Ross and Smith are the twin islands of Andaman. These both islands are connected by a sand bar that makes it the most scenic. Ross and Smith islands also attracts the tourists from around the world. The sand bar sinks during high tide and resurfaces during low tide.

You can simply walk over from one island to the other island via sand bar. The pair of these islands are famous for beaches and glorious sunsets. Moreover, you can enjoy the view of turtles nesting and hatching of baby turtles here.


The group of Andaman and Nicobar islands offers the most gorgeous beauty of nature. You will fall in love with every island and scenic sights here. The above voiced are some of the famous islands of the group.

These places will surely allure you with their charm. Moreover, there are many sights where you can enjoy most thrilling water sports like Diving.

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