A Quick Guide on Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy Use


It is common to miss your flight. Several reasons are responsible for it that ranging from you sleeping through the alarm to being stuck in traffic. Knowing that life can throw such challenges to anyone, Southwest Airlines has devised a smart missed flight policy. However, Southwest doesn’t charge you to book your seat on the next flight on missing your originally scheduled flight.

Learn more about it in the account that follows.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy – The Highlights

If you realize that you are going to miss your flight with Southwest whether because of traffic, weather, or anything else, inform the customer service representative. To help you better so that you are well-prepared if you might miss your flight, here are the highlights of the Southwest Missed Flight Policy, which is well-designed.

  • If you reach the airport within 2 hours of your original flight’s scheduled departure but miss your flight, Southwest allocates you a standby flight.
  • You can skip paying no-show charges if you inform the airlines in time that you are going to miss your flight. Additionally, you can change your flight for free.
  • On non-payment of the no-show charges, Southwest will cancel your future booking with it.
  • Your missed flight is considered as no show. In such a case, the airline cancels your tickets.
  • You can request a refund on your ticket’s unused portion. This can happen if you want to change your travel date and time, and miss catching your flight.

Can I Reschedule a Missed Flight with Southwest?

Yes, you can reschedule your Southwest flight after missing one. Here’s how –

  • Sign in to your account at Southwest.
  • Check the rescheduled missed flight eligibility to book a flight on Southwest Air again.
  • Select the delayed or disrupt section from the Manage My Trip part.
  • Mention a date for the next trip along with the passenger’s last name as well as the destination to travel to.

Alternatively, you can call a Southwest customer representative to reschedule a missed flight.

After missing a flight, do you want to rebook your trip but with a vacation package this time that saves you from the hassle of individual booking? Scroll down to know more about it.
What are Southwest Vacation Packages?

With Southwest Vacation Packages that are well-designed and affordable, you can enjoy a great vacation at pocket-friendly rates. Grab exciting deals and huge discounts offered on flight tickets, car rentals, and hotel stays among others.

These packages not only make bookings and other arrangements convenient for you but also fit easily within your budget. You are saved from separate reservations as all the travel requirements are bundled into one with these packages.

For booking a vacation package with Southwest, simply visit southwestvacations.com. Enter your details required to book a package, search that best suits your needs and pocket, and book one.

Therefore, if you miss your flight with Southwest because of any reason, don’t fret. The airline covers you. Inform an executive and look for ways to rebook a flight at the earliest. You can also book vacation packages with Southwest for a more fulfilling vacation.


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