Acne Scar Removal

the acne scars removal

What are acne scars?

Acne is a common one in people all of ages. It is a frustrating condition to deal with at any age people. from teenagers and young adults to women going through midlife crises. When changing the hormones teenager get acne Some 85% of people between the ages of 11 and  30 get an acne problem. Decreasing the scars requires acne scar removal treatment over-the-counter medication or more procedures by a performed dermatologist.

when acne pricks deep into the skin and damages the underlying tissues. May be changed in the color of the skin leaving a spot. Acne causes dead pores oil and bacteria build up in our pores to inflame them. your body repairs the acne scars. process repair includes the creation of collagen. acne scars are an actual part of the healing process according to AAD.

 Acne scar removal treatment

Natural products for acne scars

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a common home remedy. According to the study on acne cases, it works similarly healing process. aloe vera applying directly. It reduces the inflammation and scar tissues size. but you can grow the aloe vera gel plant yourself. Cut the leaves and apply them directly to the skin sticky gel.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is very effective for your acne scars. they have found great success applying lemon juice to acne helps reduce the discoloration of your skin. because the lemon juice is highly acidic. so apply directly to scars skin.


Honey is normally used for the median purpose including herpes and burns. According to research, it can speed wound healing reducing the potential scarring.  Because honey is antibacterial properties. That directly applying honey can help wound clearing and wound also used to fight infection.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is available in the is used for the purpose of acne applies directly to the skin. coconut is the home remedy treatment.

Medical treatment for acne scars removal

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Chemical peeling

Although Strong chemicals are used to remove the outer layer of skin and reduce the appearance of scars. but Different chemicals such as trichloroacetic acid glycolic acid can be used.  it depends on the skin type. It’s especially effective for deeper scars.

Botox injection

So Botox injection is very effective for acne scars with scrunch-up skin. The scrunch area  relaxed

Punch excision

This method involves surgically removing acne scars. So the punch matches the size of the scars.


Because this procedure involves the removal of the damaged top layer of your skin. With rapidly rotating wire brush with a rough surface. Because this procedure deeply exfoliates. So the top layer of the skin reduces the appearance of the skin.


One of the most advanced methods of acne scars removal treatment. micro-needling uses a small handheld pen needle roller to penetrate the skin on the surface of the scars. As the penetrated skin heals it makes collagen and reduces the visibility. It makes smoothing out the skin.

Laser resurfacing

Laser surfacing is recently for acne gain. Its superior and early results without using any chemical and scrub. this procedure involves the removal of the top layer of skin. it creates a more even surface of the skin. most of these procedures are performed in the clinic. Are safe for every group of age.


Professionals used filler treatment for acne scars treatment. because the filler is made of collagen. they injecte under the surface of the skin. It helps make the skin plump up and smooth out depressed scars.


So There are a few different medications that can inject that help scars made soften and flatten. the injection is performed as a series with one every week.

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