Air France Baggage Policy, Allowance & Fees – Skynair

Air France Baggage Policy, Allowance & Fees - Skynair

Air France Airlines is one of the most trusted airlines in the world, providing excellent services for passengers. It is renowned for its focus on customer satisfaction and safety. Air France Airlines also offers various baggage allowance options to accommodate the needs of different customers. This article will provide an overview of the Air France Airlines Baggage Allowance, including Air France baggage fees and prices.

Air France Airlines Baggage Allowance

Air France Airlines provides passengers with a generous baggage allowance. If you are going to travel with Air France Airlines, you have to follow these tips:-

  • Depending on the type of ticket purchased, passengers may be allowed to bring up to three pieces of luggage on board.
  • The allowance for each piece of luggage varies, but generally, passengers may bring one bag up to 23kg, one bag up to 18kg, and one bag up to 12kg.
  • Also, passengers may bring a personal item, such as a handbag or laptop, not included in the baggage allowance.

I hope you understand the Adobe process. If facing any problem, call our customer service at “OTA” at +1-646-980-1956 or +1-800-237-2747 and get all the information.

Air France Airlines Extra Baggage Fees

  • If passengers exceed the baggage allowance, Air France Airlines may charge Air France Extra Baggage Fees.
  •  The fees depend on the type of ticket purchased and the destination.
  •  Generally, extra baggage fees range from €15 to €60 per piece of luggage.
  • Passengers should note that the fees are subject to change without notice.

Air France baggage fees

  •  Air France Airlines gives customers numerous alternatives for adding luggage.
  • The cost of additional luggage on Air France is based on the bag’s weight.
  • Extra baggage typically costs $50 to $60 per bag per flight.
  • Air France Airlines offers a discounted rate for early bookings, so you can save money by purchasing extra luggage in advance.
  •  Airlines will charge you Air France baggage fees if you need to bring more than your allocated checked and carry-on baggage capacity.

Additionally, you must pay the additional luggage fees per kilogram of weight. You can contact Air France customer support at “OTA”: at +1-646-980-1956 or in the United States: at +1-800-237-2747 for additional information.

How to Avoid air france extra baggage

Although traveling with Air France can be wonderful, you must pay expensive luggage costs if you need to be more careful. We’ve put together some advice for negotiating Air France’s baggage policy to help make your trip stress-free.

Know Your Allotment:

  •  Before you pack, ensure you know the airline’s policies.
  • Travelers are typically allowed one piece of checked luggage up to 23 kg
  • and one piece of carry-on luggage up to 12 kg when purchasing Economy Class tickets.

Pack light:

  •  To avoid paying, keep the combined weight of your carry-on and checked bags to under 12 kg and 23 kg, respectively.
  • Unexpected fees! If your luggage is overweight or more oversized than allowed.

Recognize Your Ticket Class:

  • Some ticket classes may include extra benefits, including checking two pieces of luggage or larger checked bag sizes.
  • Ensure you comprehend your ticket details before packing for your vacation.

Shop Wisely:

  • If you anticipate carrying more luggage than is permitted by the weight or size restrictions, looking around for tickets that offer additional baggage allowances or lower excess baggage fees can be helpful.

Check Online:

  • Remember to check out Air France’s website before departing since they frequently provide discounts on Air France baggage fees when reservations are made online ahead of time.
  •  You can assist by taking note of these suggestions! Ensure! that your travel experience with Air France is stress-free and enjoyable. Happy travels!

Air France Airlines Baggage Allowance Tips

There are a few tips that passengers should keep in mind when traveling with Air France Airlines to ensure that they do not exceed the baggage allowance

  • Air France Airlines offers a generous checked baggage allowance for passengers, depending on your ticket class and destination.
  • Domestic flights provide one free checked bag per person, while international flights provide two free bags.
  • The weight limit for each bag is 23kg for Economy Class and 32kg for Premium Economy, Business, and La Première.
  • Additionally, all checked bags must not exceed 158cm in total dimensions.
  • If you carry more than 23 kg in economy class, you must pay the Air France baggage feeswhich will be charged per extra kg.

I hope you understand what I just said about Air France Airlines’ baggage policy! More! Contact the “OTA” at +1-646-980-1956 or United States at +1-800-237-2747


The total baggage allowance offered by Air France Airline enables you to bring whatever you need for your journey. Air France Airline makes it simple to travel with confidence thanks to its considerable checked luggage allowance and the choice to add extra baggage. To make your vacation as stress-free as possible, research the baggage policies and costs before departing.

U.S. number “OTA”: at +1-646-980-1956 or +1-800-237-2747

Argentina number +54 11 39 91 59 21

Austria number +431502222400

Portugal number +351213164027

France number +33 9 69 39 36 54

China number +008808808

Canada number +18006672747

Australia number +61293382260

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