The Benefits You Can Get From FONNOV Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion

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Why should you choose us? 

It happened FONNOV has developed more than 1000 woodgrain-colored aluminum extrusion profiles for nearly 10 years. Our production staff has built a rich, in-depth knowledge from many of the latest wood aluminum projects, so they know the customer needs for wood aluminum and how to fulfill customer requests. aluminum wood finish.

New Trend

Requiring building designers and construction companies to be aware of new trends in aluminum wood products. This will help give you the right advice on wood finishing aluminum extrusion products.

Strict Quality Test

FONNOV is strong in the suitability of wood finish aluminum. Providing high-quality woodgrain aluminum extrusion is what we have to do for our customers.

Wood Complete Aluminum Extrusion Projects For Our Customers

How FONNOV Makes Wood Complete Aluminum Extrusion

FONNOV ALUMINIUM manufactures wood for finishing aluminum extrusions. This finish looks like wood on an aluminum extrusion profile surface. With an advanced sublimation process, wood veneer can be printed directly on aluminum metal surfaces. Wood finish aluminum extrusion profile is a very strong product that is easy to clean and does not require any special wood repairs.

It provides high resistance to heat, acids, humidity, salt, detergents, and UV. It is therefore well suited for residential and commercial buildings for interior and exterior design. FONNOV ALUMINIUM has entered the high-quality wood for finishing aluminum extrusions for nearly a decade and has provided more than 1000 types of wood grain colors for buildings and interior design. Many manufacturers choose wood for finishing aluminum extrusion coverings, wall beams, ceilings, pergolas, sidings, fences, and gates. Contact us right now to get the best wood aluminum extrusions for your project.

Sublimation process Manufactures Wood Finished Aluminum

Cover the aluminum with wood grain paper or heat transfer film/paper printing, then place in the oven for 170-200 ℃ support. Remove the movie when the time is up. Then you will get a clear wood finish on the aluminum. This method of manufacturing can be summarized as Pretreatment ➟ Base coat powder coating ➟ Curing ➟ Wrapping woodgrain transfer paper/film ➟ Vacumming ➟ Curing ➟ Tearing to move paper/film away.

Complete the Woodgrain Color Range for Your Project

FONNOV ALUMINIUM has manufactured more than 1000 types of wood chips on aluminum extrusion since 2013. It is available in a wide range of wood color options, such as red oak, red oak, dark oak, light teak, dark teak, walnut wood, and black walnut. etc. The standard texture is matt smooth and sandy texture. Other options can select as brightness and brightness. We also accept your custom wood veneer.

We FONNOV ALUMINIUM have announced the most popular wooden colors on aluminum extrusion products for 2022. Tell us which is suitable for your project. If any color does not interest you, contact us with your request and we will find it in our large color chart.

Wood aluminum extrusions widely use in windows, door frames, ceilings, wall panels, surveys, louver, siding, pergola, slat fence and gate, decking, and roofing.

FONNOV provided more than 1000 wood grain colors on aluminum profiles for buildings and interior design.

Wood Materials Complete Aluminum Extrusion

Wood finish aluminum extrusion from FONNOV ALUMINIUM provides wood of an interesting, environmentally friendly environment for many aluminum products in building construction and interior industry, such as windows and doors, curtain walls and facade, exterior inspection, pergola, louvers, railing, and decking. , furniture, ceiling, cladding, house siding, garden slat fence and gate, cabinets, furniture, etc. Woodgrain cutting well suit for applications when manufacturers choose to look at natural wood looking at aluminum.

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