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The team commenced beta testing in January 2019 and live trading commenced in January 2021. In March this year we incorporated Redhat Capital PLC, marking a milestone crystalizing two key components of our strategy – to bring together a proven management and advisory team with a highly effective proprietary trading platform which has been some six years in development and testing phases combined.


Our management team has a highly successful track record over more than 15 years, delivering results in the investment and wealth management sector across major international and domestic markets.

Our clients include asset managers, family offices, high net worth and major international investors. best fixed rate bonds


The Redhat Trading Platform (‘RTP’) conceive to deliver consistent and above-average trading performance across FX, selected commodities and major international indices.

Redhat’s unique algorithm is constantly monitored and adapted to ensure positive and steady returns by trading on multi-layered strategies.


Our strategies are based on three key elements:

Highly experienced traders, all with a wealth of knowledge on trading stocks and commodities.

Our expertise supporte by the algorithm, which is unique to us and consistently outperforms the market.

All of this is overseen by our in house team, to attain above average returns whilst mitigating risk.

The strategy operates within controlled risk parameters to ensure performance, resilience, and scalability. The trading strategies delivere by a team of professional traders using the unique Redhat Trading Platform, which has been developed over a number of years. In total, up to 28 currency pairs, some commodities (mostly gold and silver) and 9 indices trade and combined to create a unique blend executing into one portfolio. This enables Redhat to maximise profit and minimise risk.

We are not sure if we have the best fixed rate bonds, you decide. We just know that we work very hard for you, so you do not have to.

Not available in USA. See website for investment rules in your country.

DISCLAIMER. The content provided in this article is for information purposes only and should not construe as investment advice nor as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold in any way. Redhat Capital believes the data in this newsletter is accurate. It is a summary and Redhat Capital therefore does not warrant or guarantee that it is accurate or complete. No investment decisions should make using this content. 

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