Benefits of Building a Cloud Video Streaming Platform

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Video producers, today are migrating their video streaming solution from on-premises servers to the cloud. This is because a cloud-based platform is cost-effective, secure and efficient. And it is quickly scalable in multiple resolutions, giving a high-quality streaming experience for viewers. By 2025, 85% of enterprises will totally transition to the cloud for several reasons, which we have given here in this article.  

Reduced IT Costs

  • Requires less development and management staff  
  • No need for a cluster of servers for scaling.

Less  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Low server maintenance & fewer hardware.
  • Low operating expenses (OpEx).  
  • Pay-as-you-go model with SaaS. 

Improved Security 

  • Cloud SaaS providers comply with updated security regulations with built-in protection. 
  • No need to build your own security solution.

Best online video platforms is strong and has a trust-worthy on-premises server. Our new integrated cloud platform simplifies your workflow and allows you to enhance your video streams. You can have the same power and features of a Streaming Engine, but with the improved efficiency of streaming on a SaaS platform. 

Benefits of Opting for Cloud Video Streaming  

With the increasing popularity of cloud video streaming, a lot of small or medium businesses adapt to streaming services for their great potential and seamless delivery of videos.  

But this doesn’t mean that you have to develop a complex infrastructure with complicated functionalities using such mediums. So in that case cloud-based streaming could be a valuable asset to you.  

Here are some of the reasons why you want to accelerate your way to cloud video streaming: 

1. Cost-Friendly

The only expense you will have is for storage & bandwidth. Cloud streaming makes managing expenses easier by eliminating the need to invest huge upfront costs. 

2. More Accessibility

The videos are accessible anytime, at any place. The only requirement to access your videos would be to have a stable internet connection. And the videos on the cloud platform are easily accessible anywhere. 

3. No Need For Individual Infrastructure

You have to create an in-house hardware infrastructure or server to store data. But you can begin streaming videos almost instantly with a cloud interface.

4. Maximum Scalability

Cloud-based video streaming platforms offer increased bandwidth for smooth streaming and enhanced customer experience. Moreover, the cloud allows you to easily leverage storage integrated with more features.

5. Endless Storage

Cloud allows unlimited data storage in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, it offers content scheduling, bulk uploading, and endless archives to VOD live streams, thereby enabling limitless data storage. 

6. Unbeatable Security

Cloud video streaming incorporates various security compliances that are both associated and inbuilt. You can be confident that your content is secured with advanced security features like AES video encryption, DRM protection, and access control against unauthorized users.   

7. Unending Continuity

A cloud-based video streaming service  always offers continuity. It enables the original content assets to be converted into videos with multiple quality and in different bitrates. This ensures that your content is delivered across multiple devices at multiple bandwidths and internet  accessibility for smooth streaming.

8. Focused CDN Solution

With the cloud you can create vast differences by choosing one of the top criteria, which is CDN. This ensures seamless streaming with minimum to zero buffered loadings. Cloud provides top-level CDNs that offer hassle-free streaming across the world.  

Video Streaming On Cloud VS On-Premise:  

In the yesteryears, the upfront costs and maintenance costs for an on-premise setup caused competition among medium and big businesses because of their limited budget. But, today the cloud has eliminated those restrictions, as everything is online, live, accessible and secure. 

Here is what happens when you are investing in cloud video streaming, which will be a smart move. . 

  1. Scale Up Investment according to usage  

As you set up a live streaming platform, you don’t have to tackle server crashes or even to purchase additional equipment for extreme scenarios. And you can then easily scale up your resources for what you need to speed in order to meet the demand.

  1. Minimal Installation & Maintenance

With an on-premise live streaming cloud service, you will have no difficulty in the process of installation & maintenance. Your cloud provider will have their own tech team to configure and set up your streaming so that you don’t have to encounter difficulties in handling the technicalities.  

  1. Compatible With Other Software 

You can make your video stream across other applications, due to its compatibility across various applications. It can be made operable across any application with just a few clicks. For instance, you can stream your video on any platform, and across any device, if you integrate it right away.  

  1. Cloud secures your content 

Cloud comes with a significant amount of privacy and encryption as it is a standard and stabilized means of channelized streaming. Content of various standards can be added to the platform, without the intrusion of unauthorized users. Irrespective of whether your platform is being integrated on-premise or on the cloud, your videos remain safe and secure from prying eyes.  

Wrapping Up  

There are innumerable cloud-based streaming for video streaming businesses. You can choose and leverage the advanced features of the platform. And you can launch your video streaming almost instantly as you choose from each one’s individual features. However, as a broadcaster, content provider or professional streamer, you need to determine your business hosting requirements and choose your options accordingly.

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