Benefits of seating massage for health

health benefits of massage

Chair massage, also known as seat-down massage, has become very popular, especially in workplaces. Many employers give massages to their employees on a monthly or perhaps weekly basis to reduce stress and increase productivity at work. These sessions usually involve a massage therapist who comes to the workplace with a specially designed massage chair. However, seat-down massages are also available in stores, major airports, and many other public places. A few complementary therapy clinics have dedicated areas for short chair massages, and you can usually go in for a 15-minute seating treatment.

What a seated massage can do for you personally

There are already several studies on the health benefits of massage and its effects on the body and mind. It can relieve anxiety and tension, it can ease muscle aches, it can help with back pain, and it can relieve tension within the body as well as the mind.

Even a short treatment can work wonders, and if you massage regularly, the benefits accumulate over time. Massage can also prevent many health problems such as neck and shoulder stiffness and discomfort, headaches, and back problems.

A long massage session usually leaves the client quite relaxed. A seated massage is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated so that you are ready to return to work or other responsibilities soon after your session.

Techniques combine different strategies. Traditional siege massant methods relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and reduce pain. Pressure on specific points in the upper back and shoulders helps relieve tension and energize the body and mind. Massage usually also includes gentle but effective stretching.

A typical seatting session can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes or sometimes longer. When performing a massage at the workplace, the average therapy lasts 10-20 minutes. After therapy, you will be able to return to your desk feeling comfortable, focused, and calm.

What will happen in the massage chair

A conventional chair massage is done with clothes on and the therapist will not use creams or oils. Seatting massage is convenient at the workplace, as you do not need to prepare for the therapy. The chair is ergonomically designed and really comfortable to seat on. It also makes it easier for the massage therapist to deliver great therapy. The therapist focuses on the upper back as well as the shoulders, where many people experience stiffness and pain. Usually, the treatment also includes a hand massage and sometimes a head massage.

Several organizations provide regular massage sessions for their employees to improve employee well-being, reduce work-related stress, and reduce sick leave. Back strain and discomfort are common reasons for absenteeism. Sick leave due to back discomfort and anxiety costs companies billions. Many employers have begun to realize the importance of preventing work pressure. Anyone can benefit from a seated massage, and the best way to relieve anxiety is to massage as often as possible.

How to find a cheap massage chair

Massage chairs are wonderful pieces of furniture to own and even more luxurious to seat and relax in. They make life so easy and can save you years of stress, tension, and anxiety. Very few people can have a robotic chair in every room, so when you’re looking to get one, it helps to know how best to save your money. This article is only meant to make the chair shopping process easy and fun!

Always remember that you are fully aware of your needs when shopping. Many times you are paying for features that add to the cost of the chair rather than the massage chair itself. How much additional product do you need to satisfie with your purchase? Will a bare-bones model suffice? These are the questions you should ask yourself before you set out to buy a appareils de massage chair. Consider the following:


Foot massagers, neck massagers, hand massagers, and foot massagers are options on many high-end massage chair models. Are these luxuries necessary for a massage? Hand massagers that use airbags are nice, but not really necessary. In addition, some massage chairs come with a massage pouf that can focus the massage on your calves. All of these extras are nice, but if you’re looking for a cheap massage chair, look for chairs without these options.


Heat is a great addition to relieving muscle pain and spasms. Heat pads, heated supports, and heated headrests help to reach the heights of wellness therapy but can increase the price of the chair. Heat increases circulation, but if improving circulation isn’t a priority, you can save hundreds of dollars on a massage chair without heat.


If you have to pay a lot of dollars to get a massage chair delivered to your home, then all the savings are lost. In most cases, the size of the chair is the basis for the shipping price. Many people do not know that you can get your massage chair for free, even with special transport companies. Don’t let the dealer tell you that you’re unlikely to get a massage chair for free. This is simply not true! Read more


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