Best Beginner Yoga Stretches For Perfect Health

beginner yoga stretches

Do you want to get fit? Don’t want to practice any high-intensity yoga poses? Want a simpler approach to a healthy body? Well, in that case, you should go with beginner yoga stretches. These are easy to do, simple, and most effective yoga poses that will help you become fit and healthy.

Another important point of all these beginner yoga stretches is that anyone can practice them. So, if you are a novice and have never even done a pushup, you are still good to go. Without any delay, let’s jump right into it to know what is going to make you healthier and fit. Read on.

Easiest Beginner Yoga Stretches

Cobra Pose

The upper back and shoulders are at the most risk because of all the hunching over the laptop or smartphone screens. The best way to deal with that is to practice the Cobra pose. It is by far one of the best beginner yoga stretches you should include in your daily yoga practice.

The upward stance of your body stretches your lower back. Moreover, it helps in the activation of your shoulder blades. Furthermore, balancing your body on your arms strengthens your chest and forearm muscles. Also, it helps in making your lower back strong that helps you stay safe from lower back injuries.

Bridge Pose

One of the biggest concerns of today’s life is lower back pain and weaker hip joints. If you have been struggling with that for ages, you must give Bridge pose a try. This is one of the simplest beginner yoga stretches that help in balancing your overall body weight.

When you practice the Bridge pose, it works on your lower back, hips, hamstrings, quads, calves, feet, and inner thighs. Not just that, it also makes your upper back, rear delts, neck, and shoulder joints more mobile. In short, it is one of the best yoga poses for beginners.

Bow Pose

Do you think that too much forward bending is going to shrink your chest muscles? If so, you could be thinking straight. Ignoring your front muscles might cause an imbalance. That is why you should practice the Bow pose to cut out the imbalance in your body.

The Bow pose expands your chest and shoulder muscles. Moreover, it also massages your abdomen that improves your digestion and boosts your metabolic rate. Furthermore, practicing the Bow pose stretches your quads and throat muscles.

Seated Forward Bend

Flexibility has become a major concern these days. It could be due to a sedentary lifestyle or too much sitting. To counter the inflexible muscles, you should practice the Seated Forward Bend. It enhances the flexibility of your hamstrings and calves.

Moreover, practicing the Seated Forward Bend keeps your spine health in an optimum state. Also, bending your head forward helps in tackling rising stress levels in your mind. Therefore, it is one of the best beginner yoga stretches that makes you fit and strong over time.

Child’s Pose

Legs are used abundantly that tires them out. However, due to the lack of rest, the legs never recover completely. Not anymore! Practicing the Child’s pose is one of the best ways to improve the health and conditioning of your legs.

Sitting on your shins removes fatigue from your leg muscles. Also, when you bend forward, it increases the range of motion of your lower back muscles. This helps in enhancing your overall flexibility and mobility. Therefore, the Child’s pose is one of the best beginner yoga stretches you must be practicing.


Do you want stronger back muscles? Don’t want to put pressure on yourself? Well, in that case, practicing the Superman pose is going to help you out. This is a static yoga pose that works on your back, neck, shoulders, hips, and hamstrings muscles.

Furthermore, it boosts the flow of blood to your overall body. Hence, this ensures you stay strong on your legs that improves your overall athleticism. With the regular practice of this pose, you don’t have to worry about lower back pain or cervical pain.

Downward Dog

It seems any yoga practice session is incomplete without the practice of the Downward Dog pose. So, you should also include this in your yoga routine. It works on your overall body that helps you gain strength and flexibility.

Also, practicing the Downward Dog pose improves your joints’ mobility over time that increases their range of motion. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best beginner yoga poses for overall body development.

Sum Up

As you can see, all the above-mentioned yoga poses are easy to practice. If still, you wish to learn them first, make sure you join a certified yoga course. That will help you learn yoga from certified yoga teachers. With regular practice, you become healthier and fit over time.

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