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fat removal treatment


You have an area of fat diet and exercise won’t move. You want noninvasive fat removal treatment. Without, making a cleft, a dermatologist permanently removes a pocket of unwanted fat.  However, Non-invasive removal can be used in any part of body area. So the belly, thighs, back, chin, neck, upper arms, and knees, are all treatable.

When we get a non-invasive treatment, a dermatologist uses a handheld device or injection to destroy fat cells. So FDA approved several handheld devices for fat removal treatment in Islamabad purposes. And all devices are used just above the skin. The work sends heat and cold or sound waves directly into fat cells. Without, injuries to your skin and other body parts, this device can destroy your fat cells. But bile acid injection allows our bodies to digest fat. For example, bile acid the acid in these injection dissolves fat cells. Hence, FDA approved this injection to treat a double chin. Because this treatment dissolves fat cells and the result are permanent.

What are the possible side effects?

After the treatment, some people have swelling discomfort or bruising.  So these effects are temporary. After getting injections to disperse excess chin fat, you feel chin skin firm and lumpy.

You may feel a burning or pain-treated area. This may feel like pins and needle awareness that get when your arms and legs fall asleep. So this is temporary.

In rare cases, freezing fat can reason long-term pain and increase the amount of fat treated area. You can reduce this risk by fat removal from a dermatologist in Islamabad.  In short, the doctor understands your skin and tells you if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

Fat freezing treatment

So Fat freezing treatment, like CoolSculpting, cupped devices are used in freezing to freeze unwanted cells in a specific area of the body. But frozen fat cells die, and its naturally eliminated and permanently removed by the body.

Fat freezing is the best for a  body area patients want to reduce the size of fat, like

  • Hips
  • Backs
  • Upper arms
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen

Fat freezing result

After two treatments the result are noticeable within the month and the final result shows the after three months.

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Laser fat removal treatment

Although the Laser fat removal, like SculpSure, uses controlled heat to break down permanently and destroy unwanted fat cells.

Laser fat removal work for the body are area:

  • Thighs
  • Love handles
  • Stomach

Laser fat removal result

After one treatment result is appearing in six weeks and a permanent result in 12 weeks.

Radiofrequency fat removal treatment

However, radiofrequency technology, like vanquish, used magnetic waves to heat and melt fat cells.  But this method treats a large part of the body compared to the other noninvasive options.

Result radiofrequency

After four to ten sessions achieved to desired results.  After the final treatment, the result shows a permanent result.

Red light therapy fat treatment

After this treatment for weight loss, like ultraslim, deliver a wavelength of light that contract selected fat cells in the abdomen, like the thighs hips also tighten and

Smoothing skin.

Result in red light therapy

To achieve their goal some patients choose three or more treatments. So the result may appear a few hours after treatment and continue to improve as the body metabolizes fat.

Ultrasound fat reduction therapy

Ultrasound therapy and technology, like ultra shape and lipogenic used and focus on the sonic waves to break down the fat cells in the abdominal area.  But this treatment does not impact surrounding tissue, so no bruising and swelling following the procedure.

Results of fat reduction therapy

Three treatments within two weeks deliver the best result.  Starting results appear in two weeks. The final result appears within four months.

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