Best Tattoo Removal In Dubai

Tattoo removal is an intricate and painful procedure. The more time and energy you can spend on deciding which method to use for your tattoo removal, the more successful your journey will be.


There are several ways to remove tattoos, even though they may be considered permanent. Removing a tattoo cosmetically is a valid option. Tattoos that are applied by professional tattoo artists should be covered with tattoo removal cream. The kind of removal method you choose should depend on your goals and expectations.

What Is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal Dubai is a procedure that can be used to remove tattoos. At the start, people may be worried about the cost of such procedures but the fact is that you can get this done without much problem in Dubai as well. It’s a procedure that uses lasers to target the ink deposited on your skin and either remove it completely or convert it into fragments that are not visible to the naked eye. The main reason why people opt for tattoo removal procedures over getting a whole new tattoo is that this means that they don’t have to suffer through the pain of having a brand new tattoo applied over the existing one.

What To Expect At The Consultation With Our Experts?

Our Experts are Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, who gives utmost importance to consultation. You will be guided through the entire process during a consultation, and he will explain all the technical and little details to you, and he will provide you with helpful and specific instructions and suggestions. He will assist you with setting realistic expectations, as well as understanding your reasons for seeking this treatment and your goals.

Our team of expert doctors understands the importance of each patient’s health and treats them accordingly. The utmost priority of our doctor is to ensure that all of the variables are taken into consideration before undergoing the treatment to ensure the best results are delivered, and he urges the patient to ask any questions they may have and to resolve any doubts or queries they may have as the safety and satisfaction of the patient is his utmost concern.

How Tattoo Removal Is Performed?

Laser Treatments –

Laser tattoo removal is a method to remove a tattoo. It makes use of highly concentrated light waves to heat up and fragment the ink particles, which then can absorb into the immune system.

Dermabrasion –

It is a method of tattoo removal. The process involves removing the layers of the skin that contain ink using a medical grinding tool to remove the ink from the skin. This is done under anesthesia and takes 10-14 days to heal.

Chemical Peels –

Richloroacetic acid (TCA) peels are great at hardening the outer layer of your skin. Which slows new growth and prevents transfer. Irreversible, this treatment is performed in a sterile environment on patients with no allergies.

Surgical Excision –

The procedure involves cutting the skin containing the tattoo with a scalpel. Then you need to bring the skin together and close it with stitches. With this method, you should be able to cover your work on your following stitches coming out in four weeks.

How Is Recovery After Tattoo Removal?

Once the procedure is done, you will have a gauze bandage on your wound. This can be removed once it’s dry and uses a sterile towel to cleanse the area. You must follow the instructions of your physician regarding how often you should take care of the area. How long you should keep the bandage on it.

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