Blue World City General Block Owner and Developer

Blue World City General Block

Blue Group of Companies was formed in 1989 to provide expert expertise in the construction field. The group then determined to offer an opportunity to participate in indirect construction and establish housing societies.

Blue Group of Companies or The Blue Group of Companies or BWC General Block owner and developer is Saad Nazir. Since its inception, the Blue World City General Block has been collaborating with China-based Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company and the Blue Group of companies to develop the Block. The work on development is progressing according to the most recent urban design techniques.

Blue World City General Block:

The Blue World City General Block was explicitly designed to help small or high-budget people. It can therefore enhance their lifestyles. This Block will provide modern houses at a reasonable price. The streets are spacious and well-lit, with street lamps, pavements, flowers, and landscaping that add to the beauty of this gorgeous living space. Its General Block is part of Blue World City and is an excellent area to live in. It provides everything you’ll need at a reasonable cost for those who purchase. It is made to suit those who want to maintain the best standard of living while also putting it comfortably in their wallet.

Attractive features in the General Block:

General Block’s most compelling and intriguing features include a carefully-designed layout that merits applause. The efficient use of space and the site. Beautifully designed parks. Between 30- and 35-feet long roads.

Accepted from RDA:

After receiving the NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), it issued a NOC Vide Letter no. 532/10/DC Dated: 07-08-2018. That means all false news reports and propaganda have disappeared and proved Blue World City  Blue global city’s plans to be a sham or a fraud. This means you can be confident placing your bets on blue world city General Block.

Blue World City General Block Location:

BWC General Block has been designated one of the significant areas of BWC General Block. General Block has been designed to be the fastest and most direct link with Chakri Interchange and is situated just a few miles from two cities.

General Block & Commercial Plots:

The dimensions of significant residential and commercial plots can differ in the following ways:

BWC General Block Commercial plots:

05 Marla

10 Marla

BWC General Block Residential plots:

5 Marla

8 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

2 Kanal

Attractions of the General Block of BWC

Practical layout plan

Beautiful landscape

Best space utilization


Wide road

Why do you need to consider investing in BWC’s General Block BWC?

General Block of Blue World City Islamabad is equally appealing and valuable to high-end and budget-conscious buyers. The result is that your investment strategy and becoming a community member will be feasible as well as secure and secure.

The most modest investment luxury houses:

There is a vast difference in the worth of your investment as the price is reasonable for the average person and can provide the necessary amenities. In addition, the service you need is within the General Block, like other blocks in Blue World City.

Flexible and easy arrangement of installments:

Society is thrilled to offer a simple and flexible installment plan for investors who are serious and looking to make an investment that is at a reasonable level. Thus, 40-monthly installments and an 8-half-yearly plan are now accessible to customers.

Modern features:

The Block is surrounded by modern facilities, like the lush green park, lavish living areas, roads made from metal, safe drinking water, which is accessible 24/7 and energy to residents, and much more. Furthermore, communities, neighbourhood clubs, lighting, sidewalks, as well as 24/7 safe and security are the norm in our culture.

Commercial Zone

It’s the blue-sky City General Block; additionally, General Block residents have access to the most luxurious economic or commercial facilities. General Block offers you five and 10 Marla commercial parcels. Commercial plots for sale are priced for the average person.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

The investment’s returns are assured whether you buy commercial or residential land. A trust relationship between the investor and the investor is the basis for this.

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