Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad

WWCBlue World City Islamabad is a housing project run by a group of blue-chip firms in Islamabad in Pakistan and Rawalpindi. The demand for it is increasing among buyers and investors already in the market due to its low costs and installation options. Take a look at the most significant aspects of this type of society.


A blue-world city Islamabad is easily accessible through the ring road and Lahore to Islamabad M-2 Motorway. Using its CPEC route, this organization can offer its market to international and local buyers.

Blue world City Islamabad Blocks:

Overseas Block, General Block, Commercial Block,

A Blue World City Islamabad is the second-largest in Pakistan’s housing society and the second-largest tourist destination. On the other hand, this blue-world city in Islamabad strives to offer an improved living space for low-income residents. This housing society has affordable housing or business properties. This is why Islamabad is the second-largest world society.


Meet All Your Needs:

Blue World City is a secure community and housing society that is modern in its design. There is also an area for commercial use and a residential block: an Overseas block and other facilities to meet your requirements.

Tourist Destination:

I’ll discuss blue world city Islamabad as a tourist spot in this article. The Blue group of companies, however, plans to create Asia’s first housing society for tourists. But it will require the help of Shan Jian Chinese engineering companies. But there are replicas of the world’s giant Horse Mascot, the Replica of 52 countries. In the city, there is a walk. Dubai is a replica, like that blue-coloured mosque found in Turkey. Additionally, there’s an internationally themed water park, a laser light fountain, a blue world-class eating park, and more in Blue World City Islamabad.

Education City:

With the help of eminent General Muhammad Arif Warraich, General Sajjad Rasul, and other top educators with whom the blue company group launched the CCBWC. The Forces Cadet college was created and designed with the help of experienced, senior retired Army officers.

World Class Lifestyle:

Blue World City Islamabad in fact, you are in a place full of lush greenery and stunning landmarks to experience the lifestyle. It’s a place to retreat for your family and yourself, which you’ve always wanted.

Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Blocks:

The Blue Group of Companies has helped develop the overseas square in their lodging company. Even though this block is slowly becoming the primary objective of this noteworthy lodging venture. The overseas enclosure was explicitly designed for Pakistanis living abroad, who are more discerning and prefer high-end work environments in the  Islamabad.

Blue world City Location:

The international block of Islamabad’s Blue World City is located in a quiet and secure area with an exclusive secured community. It is far from the city’s centre and will make for a fantastic city constructed on the CPEC route. It is the place residents can reside.


Gated Community:

In addition, the society has an exclusive gated community for Pakistanis living in other countries. Initially, the facilities include Hi-Tech Security Systems, 24 hours security cameras, CCTV Surveillance, E-Tag System, Green Service Area and a Lake circulating throughout the international zone.

Plots Sizes Overseas Blocks:

Alongside foreign facilities, Blue Global City’s overseas block is available in various sites of different sizes. The opening ceremony for Blue World City Overseas Block was held on July 22 2018, and plots range from 7marla up to 2 Kanal. This opens the door and offers a fantastic opportunity for Pakistanis who are living abroad to return to Pakistan safely and speedily.

General Block:

A second-largest housing society is under consideration. Blue World City offers plots of three Marla and 2 Kanal within the general block. The fastest growth work is in progress, or perhaps we could say the development process is rushing. This residential development project will change how you see yourself and meet all your housing requirements. This project, the Blue World City of Islamabad, is the second-largest tourist attraction that lets you purchase your dream home in an ideal location. Investing in this residence through a low-interest loan and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with your loved ones is possible. With a simple, four-year plan, you can secure your plot in a short time as.

Commercial Block in Blue World City:

B A commercial zone is being designed and developed close to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor in an accessible and concentrated area.

Malls, high-rises and different business opportunities are found in commercial spaces that offer you the chance to grow personally and help the nation.

This hub for commercial development allows the government to expand its economy and increase the number of parcels of residential land available.

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