BoomTown Real Estate CRM: Business is Transforming

BoomTown Real Estate CRM: Business is Transforming.

To stay competitive in the industry, you need a real estate technology solution that focuses on marketing. A real estate CRM platform can help professionals do everything they need and more, and finding a platform that does this can be a challenge – but you will often find one that does. You may need some of the features, but not all.

The most promising feature of BoomTown is its marketing and CRM functionality. BoomTown’s biggest draw is its ability to serve as a complete ecosystem for accomplishing these tasks on one platform. This approach has a few drawbacks, which we’ll discuss in due course, but let’s look at the solid set of features that this real estate software provides.

The following features describe in general

This is a major claim that BoomTown makes for itself, one that it fulfills well. BoomTown offers a wide range of tools and features covering everything from marketing automation and lead generation to metrics analysis and more, covering almost every topic that any professional should consider. This includes realtors as well.

However, all of this comprehensive functionality has its downsides. It is very expensive to provide all these capabilities, so a multilevel pricing scheme is required. This is true even at the lowest pricing levels. Among these features are lead qualification and distribution, email drip marketing, access to a mobile app, and an IDX website. The number of features available will increase as you advance through the tiers, up to and including a full lead management suite.

Highlights of another feature

With its lowest price level, BoomTown offers its IDX consumer-facing generation website as standard. IDX sites offer powerful search capabilities that enable users to perform specific searches on real estate, which is why they are always a high priority for real estate professionals. Contact information is provided at every stage of the process. Any questions can ask. A user can even create an account and receive email notifications when new properties meet their search criteria. IDX websites also serve sellers, as the integrated home valuation tool works to attract both buyers and sellers.

Lead generation is another incredibly powerful tool within BoomTown. BoomTown can create cross-platform marketing materials for Facebook and Google PPC ads that increase the overall number of eyes on these ads. Because new leads are automatically imported into BoomTown’s real estate CRM, you can nurture these leads. You can track website activity, perform behavioral searches and determine patterns, and send emails and messages automatically with this CRM. Additional functionality provid by allowing your leads to divid into custom lists, which can then integrate into services such as BombBomb and Mojo Dialer.

Mobile Device Connectivity

Today, it is essential to have experts in business and mobile technology – and also to have a CRM with an advertising platform that facilitates flexible navigation. BoomTown’s mobile app is also affiliated with this bill. As it offers some advanced features and group tools that can be used anywhere.

You can use the advanced features of the app to make priorities easier and provide hot-blooded management information before moving to another provider. Text message and email options can also use to modify response times.

BoomTown monitors your connections and your movements with its mobile app. Team members waiting for your reply are also placed in a special folder. Which looks great and prevents them from falling through the cracks. Here is a list of things you can do with the notification of signs, so you always remember to do important things.

It’s a bad price

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room any longer; it’s time to discuss the price you will pay for all of these powerful services if you choose to invest in BoomTown. For companies with 3 agents. The cost may be as high as $ 1000 per month for the launch plan, the most modest price of BoomTown. I would say that the features that come with this plan are at least as extensive as those described above. You should consider long and hard whether it is worth the price tag.

Want to explore even more options? The Grow plan at BoomTown starts at about $1,750 per month and covers up to 10 agents with many of the same features Launch offers. BoomTown also offers an Advance plan which offers the highest level of features and capabilities. To receive more information about the price of this plan, you must contact BoomTown directly. According to the old saying, if you have to ask how much something costs, you probably cannot afford it.

BoomTown’s final verdict

BoomTown is without a doubt one of the leading real estate marketing and CRM platforms available today. A rich feature set, good integrations, and undoubtedly a powerful tool for any real estate professional will make this app an invaluable aid. Its extremely high price, however, may be a major detractor, especially for smaller agencies or for real estate professionals. When it comes to BoomTown, you get what you pay for: if your operating budget permits. It is likely to change the way your real estate business operates.

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