botox vs filler cost

botox vs fillers for forehead

Today I will describe some major differences between botox and filler and will also explain which treatment is less risky and more budget-friendly.

Botox is primarily used for the reduction of wrinkles appearances. In this treatment, the dermatologist used a toxin chemical named onabotulinumtoxinA which temporarily prevented the muscle from moving from its original place. Usually, people took botox injections for cosmetics reasons. Botox helped in the treatment of conditions such as neck spasms, excessive sweating, an overactive bladder and lazy eye. Botox treatment may also helped in preventing chronic migraines.

Fillers on the other hand are gel-like substances injected through injections under the skin. Dermal fillers are meant to create a smoother or fuller appearance. As reported in clinical trials, the effects of most fillers are temporary as they are made from materials that the body eventually breaks down and absorbs. The injection procedure may have to be repeated for desired results.


Risks Involve


Following are some side effects involve in Botox procedure

  • Pain, swelling or bruising treated area
  • symptoms of flu or headaches
  • Droopy eyelid or cockeyed eyebrows
  • Crooked smile or drooling
  • Eye dryness or excessive tearing

more serious side effects includes. If experienced any of these problems after your treatment. Call your doctor right away and ask for a solution.

  • Muscle weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Trouble speaking or swallowing
  • Breathing problems
  • Loss of bladder control


On the other hand risks involve in Fillers are

  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Itching
  • Rash


Botox Cost

The cost of Botox in Pakistan depend upon the area that needs a treatment but generally cost ranges between PKR 15,000 to 25,000. Ask your doctor to used original  Botox” by Allergen and avoided any cheaper versions.

Filler Cost

The costing of fillers in Islamabad ranges between 30,000 PKR to 45,000 PKR. and this process require multiple sessions.


Botox injections usually start working after one to three days of  treatment. The effect may last for three months or longer depending on the area undergoing treatment. You may also need multiple sessions for maintenance.

In case of derma fillers whether you’re taking injectables for softening fine lines and wrinkles, plumping up lost facial volume, or tightening up sagged part of skin, Patients expect to notice results  immediately after the procedure is done. Results vary from body to body  everyone is different, most patients notice their results within 24 to 48 hours after their fillers.

Who should not use botox

If any patients is using antibiotic amino Glycoside like Gentamycin these patients are suggested not to take botox.

Who should avoid fillers

Pregnant and woman who are breastfeeding are advised not to use fillers. People who are allergic to any ingredients, or suffer from neurological disorders also ask to avoid fillers.

In the end,  I will conclude the article suggesting fillers over botox because the instant results and has minimum side effects. In dermal fillers treatment all you need a good and well train doctor as the major side effects in the process is negligence from doctor’s end. Read more

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