Bubble tea Tea – Enhance your tea experience with this delicious twist

Bubble tea Tea - Enhance your tea experience with this delicious twist

If the word “bubble tea” sounds too strange to you, maybe “bubble tea” will ring the bell. Wondering if this can encourage you? Well, this is the best thing that can happen to your tea. This gorgeous tea is labeled as bubble tea, mute drink, milk tea, or frothy drink. And it suits any time of day, whatever your mood is, and any season of the year.  Personally, I prefer cold ones.

In fact, mute tea is an extreme class compared to the regular tea you know

It comes in many flavors and colors. Bold your taste buds with cantaloupe, lychee, green apple, passion fruit, and more! You can really taste any fruit you want. Some countries even offer them in rare and exotic flavors.

But the best part of mute tea is not the color or the taste, it’s called “bubble tea” or sometimes “pearl”. These are large round tapioca balls about the same size as small marbles. Squeezing into a giant haystack to catch a tapioca pellet is a fun experience. Tapioca pearls are like soft beer. It tastes a bit like glutinous rice but a little thicker.

If you like to explore things in the kitchen, you can make your own mute tea at home

Ingredients and flavors can be easily ordered online. But I must warn you, working with tapioca pearls is not so easy. If you cook them for too long, they will melt. But if not long enough, their kernels are not yet ripe.

There’s a nice exit if you’re not successful with tapioca pearls. You can use data de cacao, lychee jelly, rainbow jelly, or any other jelly that can make into small balls. These jellies come in a variety of colors and are aesthetically pleasing. Just like with tapioca pearls, you will feel delighted to eat in a sip of tea. Some tea drinkers actually choose tea with half tapioca and half jelly.

Bubble tea originated in Asia, especially in Taiwan. If you go to Asia, there are many varieties of Boba tea from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Korea, Singapore, China, and Malaysia. In a decade or so, the craze for this tea has changed and is gaining popularity in North America as well as Europe, Canada, and Australia. Now you can feel the delicious taste of mute tea anywhere in the world. Some argue that locally produced mute tea ingredients are not as good as those made in Taiwan, the country of origin. Okay, let your taste buds decide.

Usually, cafes and restaurants that offer mute tea use bubble dome caps on teacups. Others use bare membranes that easily puncture with straw.

Its effect on tapioca and bubble tea

Many of you who have tried tapioca cake know that when chewing tapioca flour, it is like pearls, small pellets, often with a sweet taste. However, for those who have never heard of tapioca flour and now only hear about the bubble tea trend, what is the use of tapioca flour and its delicious drink – pearl tea, also known as floating tea.

With that said, we’re here to answer a bunch of questions you might be wondering about tapioca and bubble tea.

For starters, it originated in Taiwan. It has become really popular among Taiwanese students. These tea shops have played an important role in the spread of bubble tea all over the world, including in New York City and New Jersey in the United States.

What makes it really unique and delicious are the tapioca pearls use in these drinks

Typically, tapioca pearls use in bubble tea much larger than tapioca pearls, and tapioca pearls are chewed around this popular drink floating around.

Basically, tapioca starch a starch extracte from the tapioca root. It commonly use as a concentrated ingredient in many foods. This is very similar to the consistency of corn starch. In addition, it can limit to tapioca pearls of different sizes. However, we like it best when it comes to bubbles.

Needless to say, the recent frenzy in New York and New Jersey with Bubble Tea – it’s safe to say Tapioca has had a huge impact, just as it wouldn’t have happened without Tapioca. Pearl

For the best, we recommend visiting one of the teahouses

Bubble tea is very popular because they believe in using only quality ingredients and they refresh all of their teas every four hours.

Of course, when you find it in a tea house, you will drink a new drink with the best ingredients available. We guarantee that you won’t disappoint with all the flavors of bubble tea and the variety with which you can customize your drink.

Probably the best bubble tea in New York City, New Jersey,  and Texas, the best drink you’ll ever enjoy!

Find out everything about bubble tea on the blog of Bubble Tea Party!

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