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Electronic medical records, practice administration, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing, and a patient portal are all part of ChartLogic EHR software package. Primary care, surgical care, and other complicated fields of medicine are all covered by the solution. The ChartLogic EMR (electronic medical record) was created with the user’s workflow, specialty, and personal preferences in mind. Medical practitioners may access patient notes, medical history, referral letters, and diagnostic codes on a single screen thanks to the solution’s electronic charting features.

ChartLogic PM (practice management) aids in the administration of administrative tasks such as registration and scheduling, eligibility and verification, claims, billings, and collections, as well as user dashboards and reporting.

ChartLogic EMR is also integrated with the module. In addition, the Users may improve their financial performance with ChartLogic RCM (revenue cycle management). On a regular basis, the solution controls the payer mix, case volumes, rejections, and disputes. ChartLogic EHR software also handles the claims process and gives practice personnel access to extensive financial information. 

ChartLogic Features: 

The Billing Procedure: 

ChartLogic provides an end-to-end medical billing solution that includes everything from claims coding to rejection follow-ups and resubmission. ChartLogic also takes care of patient payments. It is issuing two bills and following up with phone calls if the amount isn’t paid. To ensure correct coding, ChartLogic employs a team of qualified American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) coding professionals. A Chart Audit is also available from the firm, which reveals any reoccurring coding problems that have resulted in improper payments or other unjustified denials.

The patient eligibility check is one of the most important parts of ChartLogic’s medical billing process. It ensures that patients’ insurance policies are not only valid, but also that they know what type of coverage they have, what the policy covers, and what services will be reimbursed by the payer.

ChartLogic EHR provides the findings of the patient eligibility check to the practice three days before the patient appointment, after a thorough study. The goal of this approach is to minimize the number of claims denials. 

The firm believes that the billing method it has set up will allow it to do the following: 

  • 50 percent reduction in administrative costs 
  • Accounts receivables are reduced by 20 to 30% over 90 days. 
  • Net collections increased by 17%. 
  • Average days in accounts receivable decreased. 


ChartLogic’s pricing range is on the higher end of the spectrum, but it’s still in the middle of the pack when compared to the other firms in our evaluation. The corporation takes 6 to 8% of the practice’s net collections as a fee. For practices that have not yet established their credentials with insurance companies, the cost includes credentialing help. 


Medical billing clients can use ChartLogic’s portfolio of healthcare IT solutions. That includes the ChartLogic electronic health record (EHR) system and practice management software. Henceforth, a patient portal includ in the software suite, making it easy for patients to arrange appointments and make payments.

The ChartLogic EHR is a simple to use system that requires few clicks to do most activities. It has a one-screen charting function that allows you to fill up a whole chart during a patient visit without having to switch between screens.

This solves a common criticism in the EHR business about software interfering with a provider’s interaction with a patient. A custom template builder is also included in the EHR, which may help speed up the charting process even further. ChartLogic software and the practice are able to communicate more efficiently thanks to the practice management system. In addition, the Practice management software keeps precise records of the revenue cycle management process and how successfully the practice collects claims. ChartLogic will keep your practice management software up to date so you can see how well your practice is doing financially and contact the firm if you’re unhappy or think there’s a problem. 


Provider credentialing and contract negotiation with insurance companies are included in ChartLogic’s assistance, which is especially valuable for new practices that are still getting set up. ChartLogic EMR will also provide you with personalized reports, which will contain details on pending claims, income collected, denials, and so on. ChartLogic EHR has a support center on its website that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It also offers product training, which can use to bring new employees up to speed or provide a refresher course. In the event that you need a specialist to take charge and address any difficulties you’re having with your software, the organization offers a live chat and service hotline, as well as a remote service ticket system. 

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ChartLogic EHR Reviews: 

  1. Insurance physicians, doctors, and patients all benefit from this platform. 

I’m looking at electronic health records and existing prescription information to see if a client qualifies for procedure coverage and if the treatment is safe given the customer’s current prescription medication. 


Thanks to our doctors providing this information with us via CL, I can double-check all health-related patient information here before approving treatment payments. 


On the server-side, certain functions and information take a while to update. As a result, I occasionally have to wait longer than normal for what I require. 



The ease with which it can use. Templates that are simple to change. I’ve used other EMRs where you can’t customize templates for office notes or progress notes. Folders for scanned documents can customize. Therefore, Speech is nice, not flawless, but it saves my wrists from typing, which was a problem with previous EMRs. Adding text/Template text to notes is simple using spoken commands. I utilize the messages to send notes to other employees and to serve as a reminder to myself in the future by sending messages to myself. Their customer service is the finest part. Right on the money. Take a look at a handful of the negative reviews. Let me tell you, they’ve never had a poor experience with an EMR before. 


Wish the patient site was more user-friendly, allowing patients to schedule appointments and renew prescriptions. A mobile version would be beneficial to me as well. As it would allow me to safely connect with patients. The direct mail system continues to have issues. I am unable to access XML files. 

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