Content marketing, traffic, and lead generator

Content marketing, traffic, and lead generator

The advent of digital has radically changed the way we communicate. Internet, new channels and devices, as well as all digital tools have brought about a profound change in marketing. The boom in content marketing is one of the major witnesses to this digital transformation.

It is impossible to ignore this concept of content marketing (or content marketing). It is also impossible not to be charmed by his remarkable qualities.

A quick overview of this marketing trend, its advantages, and its use.

It is also impossible for any company to resist. Sky Ray Ventures supports you in this new kind of insurance marketing.

Content marketing: what is it?

Content marketing is a long-term promotion and communication strategy based on the production and distribution of digital content. A true inbound marketing strategy seeks to attract leads and increase your site traffic to ultimately increase sales. As a result, it goes against the principles of traditional intrusive communication campaigns.

What does content marketing consist of?

To be effective, content marketing must consist of unique and qualitative content. They must be useful and relevant to your targets. Also, it is necessary to identify their expectations and needs, in other words, their bread.

Concretely, these are mainly blog articles, newsletters, websites, and publications on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, etc.). The content is primarily texts, but also images, videos, animated GIFs, infographics, etc. we suggest you create your content, whether it is an article, news, computer graphics, video, business case, ebook, white paper, or even website.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing has many benefits for growing your business. Here are the 5 main ones:

Benefit # 1: Stimulate lead generation

The first benefit of a content marketing strategy is to generate more leads. In addition to showing your dynamism, your content production will bring Internet users concerned by the themes you are developing to you. Thanks to various tips that we put in place, you can enrich your base of qualified leads, to then follow lead nurturing.

Benefit # 2: Increase your website traffic

By producing content, you improve the SEO of your website and blog. Google, like other search engines, will appreciate your publishing efforts and your SEO. So you will boost their traffic. Internet users are thus oriented towards information about your products and services.

Benefit # 3: Improve the ROI of your marketing strategy

A marketing strategy that places great emphasis on content has a positive ROI. Inexpensive compared to other more traditional orientations, content ultimately generates sales. The posts you produce have tangible effects over time. You are therefore investing in a strategy with long-term impact.

Benefit # 4: Strengthen your notoriety and your e-reputation

You get people talking about you with your content marketing. Internet users exchange their publications and comment on them. Thus they see the name of your company circulating and perceive its expertise thanks to the premium content that we produce. Your skills are relayed through your useful and relevant content. And in addition, you control your image.

Benefit # 5: Expand your audience

The last benefit of content marketing, and not the least, you develop a community of Internet users interested in your content. These readers, leads or customers, are all opportunities for your business. Through your social profiles, newsletters, blog, or website comments, they interact with you and with each other.

How to use content marketing well?

Publishing content on the Net seems simple enough. This is what many have said to themselves. But, they found that the promised results were not there.

Content marketing does indeed have some requirements. Coming to terms with its principles considerably reduces its effectiveness. Here are 10 golden rules of content marketing:

Golden rule # 1: Unique content marketing

Separate from what your competition is doing, your posts should be unique and original.

Golden rule # 2: SEO-friendly content marketing

It is good for the SEO of your site and blog that you adopt the basic rules of web SEO.

Golden rule # 3: Content marketing with high added value

To assert your company’s expertise in your field, it is good to highlight high-quality content, as we have committed to always do.

Golden rule # 4: Relevant content marketing

Informative and useful, your content must respond to the bread and butter of your audience by dealing with a specific theme of interest to them.

Golden rule # 5: Regular content marketing

Both to satisfy your audience and the search engines, be sure to distribute your content regularly to produce enough.

Golden rule # 6: Engaging content marketing

It is necessary to encourage the involvement of your audience so that they can share and comment on your publications and so that they subscribe to your newsletter, order your white paper, etc.

Golden rule # 7: Creative content marketing

Far from going around in circles, your daring and inspired publications must renew and diversify so as not to tire your target audience.

Golden rule # 8: Content marketing that promotes itself

Very often, marketers underestimate the importance of promoting their content, which is nevertheless necessary to boost their audience.

Golden rule # 9: Professional content marketing

A content marketing approach is designed in an organized, demanding, and rigorous way.

Golden rule # 10: Long-term content marketing

This marketing strategy produces results over a relatively long period. So plan a long-term investment right from the start.

Content marketing works. Because it responds to the aspirations of your targets, their questions, and their desires. Because it convinces your audience.

If you are not seeing results from your content marketing strategy or if they are not up to the task, there is surely a problem in setting up this super powerful tool.

 We master all aspects of content marketing to benefit from all of its potentials. We provide you with a real force in the production of premium content. With us, you reach new leads and reactivate contacts. 

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