Cost of Living in New York for Overseas Students

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Every year, a large number of students from all over the world visit New York to acquire higher education. New York is the number one global city of the world, which increases its significance. But, a major thing that many students want to know is the cost of living in this city. It is quite obvious that there may be some doubts in the minds of students about the cost of living in the number one global city in the world. Many students estimate very high costs in this city. However, it is merely an exaggeration.

The cost of living may be high in New York but not so high that students could not afford. Here, you will know about the cost of living in New York in various aspects.

Cost of Student Accommodation in New York

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Student accommodation is the first thing for which you need to pay in New York. These days, accommodation is booked online so this is the cost that you need to pay when you are in your home country.

If you book accommodation in a private student housing complex, then you can get it at the minimum price of $1,150/month. On the other hand, the maximum price of student accommodation New York in these complexes is $6,500/month.

You can also book accommodation in a private rental apartment. The price ranges start at low prices as compared to residences in student housing complexes. You can book a place to stay in a private apartment at the lowest price of $790/month. You can get more low-priced rooms in apartments at $853/month, $918/month, etc. So, if you find the prices of accommodations in housing complexes high as per your budget then you can consider renting private apartments.

The highest-priced accommodation is available in private apartments at a rent of $7,935/month. 

Prices of Foods for Everyday Life

It is significant for you to know the prices of food in New York for your everyday life. You can get 1 liter of milk at $1.34 here. A loaf of fresh white bread (500 grams) can be acquired here at $4.30. Rice (1 kg) can be purchased at $8.13 in New York. You can buy local cheese at $18.14. In fruits, you can buy 1 kg of apples at $6.19, 1 kg of bananas at $2.24, and 1 kg of oranges at $5.48. In vegetables, you can buy 1 kg of tomatoes at $6.35, 1 kg of potatoes at $3.98, and 1 kg of onions at $3.83.

If you prefer to eat in a restaurant or like to go there occasionally for a change then you can get a meal at an inexpensive restaurant at $25. Three-course meal for two people in a midrange restaurant is available at $100. At McDonalds, you can get McMeal or an equivalent combo meal at $12.

Prices of Transportation in New York

In the local transport, you can get a one-way ticket at $2.75. A monthly pass can be bought at $129. The normal tariff for taxi start is $4.52. Taxi 1 km is available at the price of $1.86. The normal tariff for taxi 1 hour waiting is $30.

Rents of Sports and Leisure

In the rents of sports and leisure, we can mark the rents of fitness clubs, tennis courts, cinemas, etc. However, many accommodation properties in New York have in-house gyms, sports courts, and cinemas but sometimes, you may like to be involved in these activities outside your housing complex. Besides, you may not find one or more of these facilities in a few complexes. 

The monthly fee of a fitness club for one adult is $114.53. The rent of a tennis court is $36.15. You can buy a ticket for one seat at a cinema at $18.

Prices of Clothing and Shoes

Sometimes, you will also need to buy clothes and shoes in New York. You can get 1 pair of Levis 501 or similar jeans at $66.90. A summer dress in a chain store (Zara, H&M, etc.) can be found at $53.48.

You can get one pair of Nike Running Shoes (midrange) at $98.48. One pair of men’s leather business shoes is available here at $155.54.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it is evident that the prices of various goods and services in New York are not as high as the estimated values suggest. They are under the purchasing power of students.

It is to be noted that the above-mentioned ones are the tentative prices. There may be some differences depending upon the stores. Furthermore, if you start your journey to New York at a different time, the prices might change over time. However, the mentioned ones give you an idea about the prices that you may likely find.

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