Creative Features Used by Box Manufacturers for Enhancing E-commerce Packaging

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E-commerce packaging has always been one of the most productive ways to convey important brand messages. In the past decade, the practice has become more crucial than ever before. Expert box manufacturers can help you understand the biggest game-changing trends of the year.

Packaging trends of 2022

We highlight some of the most prominent and relevant e-commerce packaging designs of 2022. Imbibing these would not only facilitate better brand recognition but also fuel brand growth.

One: Ultra-symmetric box patterns

A packaging trend gaining pace in the e-commerce markets is the use of simplistic geometric patterns. These designs comprise using expressive colors, slick angles, and pristine lined patterns. A combo of these helps to project a fair image of the products and e-brand to intended customers.

Glancing through clean boxes, customers get an immediate idea of what the brand name is and they strongly retain its image. Precise instructions aid to foster customer trust by telling them what the brand stands for and products offer.

Amazon is a prime example of simplistic brown-colored packaging. The boxes emphasize the brand logo that global customers can now recognize instantly.

Two: Using center box spots

Today, marketers are more concerned about using the center box spaces than other angles. The reason is that busier consumers take only a few seconds to scan a box.

E-commerce involves customers engaging with sellers personally when the orders reach their doorsteps. The foremost element that should stand out is the brand and product name. This is because modern clients prefer gaining the maximum brand info at the first contact.

This type of box design is supported using on-point typography and strong visuals containing prominent brand logo structures and bold texts.

Three: Distinct color blocking

Color blocking has been around for quite some time now but it has recently taken a renewed form. E-commerce boxes use individualistic color combos and fluctuations in block weight and shape. Comparatively, color blocking in 2022 incline towards being more scattered and uneven. In short, the effects are made to look organic and real.

An easy way to achieve modern-day custom boxes look is by giving them a raw edge. Color printing details like unbalanced lines and formations gravitate towards looking more natural.

Four: Smooth illustrations

E-commerce boxes have come to add distinct value to the overall branding. Graphics printed on the boxes conveniently convey brand info than piled on texts. A number of e-brands now choose to sell their brand story using illustrations that get the messages across in no time.

Customization allows brands to put on their desired icons on the boxes with better clarity and use artistic expressions. Anything from the basic brand identity to putting on labels stating responsible brand ethics is done using laminations and flat graphics.
box manufacturers

Five: Green packaging practices

Sustainability is more important today than it was some years ago. Millions of e-commerce boxes shipp daily across the world. It calls for extra regulations placed on them so they abide by new climate conservation goals.

Pro box manufacturers extensively use bio-degradable materials like corrugated stock creatively for the task. New box shapes and improved box-cuttings combine to provide a contemporary box appeal. Where previously, the box components didn’t necessarily impose sustainable practices, they do so now.

Brands now mention their positive packaging practices on the boxes to enlighten customers. Mainly the artistic patterns and content is focused on giving a responsible brand vibe. Millennial customers prefer to see these to be encouraged for repeating orders.

Six: Stick to the brand basics

It is now a trend to capture customers’ focus using only the basic branding components. Picking a base color and putting only the required info helps to obtain this look. Brands often place their social media handles and online portal addresses to prompt customers to visit these and get more info on the brand and products. This saves box space and lets customers feel that the brand is worthy of their investment.

Effects of adopting the current packaging trends

Some dominant effects of using the above trends on your e-commerce packaging comprise:

  • Making the brand highly trendy

Opting for the latest trends would make your brand more relatable and fresh. Particularly, if your primary customers are between the 20s and 30s, this might prove to be extremely relevant.

  • Attracts more buyers

Trendy boxes gain the attention of onlookers. This is why e-commerce packaging is being widely used for brand promotions. The boxes travel through various customer hotspots. Making them look stylish and consistent with current industry trends boun to bring in increased customer interest to the brand.

  • Decent customer reviews

Once consumers agree with the packaging, they are more probable to review it online. Featuring on YouTube or on social media platforms is a good way to expand the customer base. It lets buyers trust the e-brand and makes for no-cost advertising.

  • Allows for changes unanimously

Custom e-commerce boxes benefit brands by being flexible to adapt to new changes. Just a little alteration can make the boxes fit for every objective. Persistently trendy branding on all packaging exacerbates brand image and lets customers recognize it more rapidly.

All these are the top effects of using shipping boxes that look up-to-date. Professional box manufacturers and artists work to ensure that your branded shipping boxes grab the maximum eyeballs.

Whether customers are aware of these renewed packaging designs or not, they will invariably intrigue by impressive packaging. The boxes offer customer retention tactics more strongly than other marketing tools.


Once you appreciate the trendy designs of 2022 in uplifting your brand popularity, you would require to team up with the best box engineers. Professional boxes capture customer approval faster than you might consider!


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