Decorate Your Interiors With Gypsum False Ceilings To Give Your Home A New Look.

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A false ceiling is an illusionary ceiling below a room’s original roof. Said it is the ceiling that hangs below the central ceiling and frames support it. The minimum height should be 8 inches lower than the actual ceiling height. For example, a false ceiling made of pop and Gypsum. Fake ceilings have become a part of the modern home. The benefits of aesthetics and practicality have contributed to their appeal. While these roofing styles are available in many materials, homeowners and interior designers all prefer Gypsum ceiling designs. 

Gypsum is a popular choice for homeowners and business owners due to its glossy surface, design, low cost, and long life. Large Gypsum sheet boards screw to each other in an artificial ceiling having Gypsum. The joining is then coated with a special jointing agent to ensure a consistent appearance and a proper finish. Unlike a Pop Ceiling, which requires combining materials and an intricate procedure, Gypsum ceilings are simple to install and demand no cleanup. Install gypsum ceilings in your room from our company. We safely install ceilings for your home at the best price.  

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The Uses of A Fake Ceiling

These kinds of false ceilings are essential: 

  • To improve the appearance of a room’s interior.
  • To keep electrical lines and cables hidden.
  • To regulate the height of a high ceiling.
  • To provide thermal and sound isolation.
  • To put up lighting and other equipment. 

Fake Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum is a widely used artificial ceiling material made from calcium sulfate and Gypsum boards, panels, sheets, or ceiling tiles help create fake ceilings also Gypsum boards are manufactured in factories and are available premade, and they are built on the job site using metal or wood. Gypsum comes in red, white, yellow, brown, and grey and is found in a colourless form. Above the boards, you can use paint, laminate, or wallpapers to beautify the ceiling. Gypsum false ceilings are standard in large areas with central air conditioning systems.

When personalizing your home, you should pay attention to the ceiling design. While many materials, like wood, can produce the desired ceiling, we will explain why the recently introduced gypsum false ceiling designs are altering the ceiling game in modern homes. Check out the gypsum board price in Uganda from our website. We give the best prices for the installation of gypsum ceilings. 

Gypsum Board Type

  • Fire Resistant Gypsum Board 
  • Moisture Resistant Gypsum 
  • Board Normal Gypsum Board 
  • Fire and Water Resistant Gypsum Boards

Gypsum False Ceiling Benefits

The benefits of Gypsum artificial ceiling are as follows:

  • Gypsum boards are lightweight and simple to install.
  • Gypsum board come from a factory, so they are homogeneous, of high quality, and will provide a good finish with few joints.
  • Gypsum is a soft material available in many shapes and textures like plain, curved, raised, coffered, etc.
  • Gypsum ceilings are simple to maintain.
  • They are resistant to fire.
  • They give thermal insulation.


The gypsum ceiling has created quite a stir due to its benefits. We spend a lot of time relaxing in our living room. Thus you cannot risk using bare false ceilings. Build a ceiling made of Gypsum sheets that improve the appearance of your hall. The vertical layout of bars, and the placement of light, make your room look bigger than it is. Make your bedroom a luxurious sleeping environment. Instead of a traditional all-white room, try a relaxing pastel theme. 

You can add colour to the roof by using Gypsum. Relax in your sitting room and watch a movie or sitcom. With skillfully done interior décor, you can make your viewing experience even more memorable. One of the benefits is that this material is heat resistant. The thermal insulation of gypsum materials helps keep a house cool. The air space between your existing ceiling and the gypsum ceiling helps to cool the room. In layman’s words, this means that if you have gypsum roofing for your bedroom, it will cool off sooner. Get a gypsum board ceiling below your existing ceiling for these benefits. Allow us to install it in your room.


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