Degree Apprenticeships at Aston University – Courses to explore

Degree Apprenticeship at Aston University

Students often want to challenge their academic skills while working in different industries. A professional environment does not always teach you what is needful, and you need an apprenticeship/collaboration between a professional institute and your employer. Aston University has stretched its hands to various industries, offering degree apprenticeships to students in different fields. This post will reveal the available courses in degree apprenticeship at Aston University students should explore. Do you want to establish an extensive link with the university while studying? This post is for you! Keep scrolling!

Degree Apprenticeship courses at Aston University:

A degree apprenticeship is a win-win game – you acquire the required degree, knowledge, and valuable work experience. Students can make a significant and valuable difference in their industries by studying these degrees. Employers and professional bodies from the institute work together to seamlessly ensure your flow into a skilled profession. We have compiled a few available courses in degree apprenticeship at Aston University that you must explore. Let us dive deep into the list!

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1. BSc Digital Tech and Solutions:

Do you want to launch your career in the digital technology and IT sector? This course will surely help you! Aston University offers you two specialized pathways in this degree – Software Engineering and Business Analytics. Aston University carries the legacy of being the first institute to offer this course to working individuals and has developed capable professionals at different companies.

The course covers various domains, including IT applications in the modern era, business awareness and contemporary issues. Students will be awarded a BSc degree in digital tech and solutions and an apprenticeship certificate. The following courses are taught at this two-staged apprenticeship degree:

  • Foundation of technology
  • Solutions
  • Computer system and network
  • Systems development
  • Internet Computing
  • Professional practice

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2. MSc Digital Tech and Solutions:

It is a Master’s degree apprenticeship intended to transform you into a digital solution leader. Students can build core leadership and tech management skills to leave the IT industry a better place. It’s a perfect course to hone your skills and expertise in either software engineering or data analysis. Other domains include project management, IT specialization, and business analysis.

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering/computer science are well-off with this apprenticeship course. The course will help them advance their careers in tech solutions by providing pathways and career development options. Being a student, you can learn the following modules:

  • Technology Management
  • Leadership and change
  • Data Analysis
  • IT Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering

3. Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship:

Digital marketing is a growing trend, and Aston University intends to provide students with the required skill and knowledge. School leavers can enroll in this course to understand digital marketing strategies and make a meaningful difference. It offers you the know-how to plan, execute and evaluate successful digital marketing campaigns and strategies. With marketing, communication, and strategy development, apprentices will grow manifolds.

Digital marketing is constantly transforming the internet landscape, and organizations seek individuals with the required skills. The degree supports individuals in the professional landscape to help them secure a respectable position in the industry. The two-staged apprenticeship degree can walk you through the following areas:

  • Digital marketing skills
  • Strategic management
  • Developing digital marketing skills
  • Financial management

4. Engineer Postgraduate Diploma:

Modern-day industry requires you to solve engineering problems using technology, and you must know the game. You don’t need to worry if you did not attend an engineering college, as the degree apprenticeship can help you learn it. The work-integrated projects in postgraduate engineering diploma can ignite creativity to help you set your career in this dynamic field.

The degree apprenticeship will help you gain practical skills and knowledge to advance your career in engineering. You can develop your competence while maintaining a full-time job in your desired industry. Individuals can study and cover the following main areas during this course;

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Sustainability
  • Professional Development Audit

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