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The new beard derma roller has become another “miracle” procedure for facial hair growth. But what is the reality? This roller has certain advantages as announced by its creators, but not for all male audiences.

As it is not useful and beneficial for everyone. We can say that it is a new procedure but with a great exclusion of candidates. In the same way that some cannot get a beard implant, there are other men who cannot use the derma roller and achieve the desired population. However, each one has different references that must be understood.

What is the derma roller for the beard?

The beard derma roller is a manual device with stainless steel needles that stimulates blood flow. Facial follicles through the stinging inserts. These microlesions create certain channels to directly access the dermis and improve blood circulation. Once this is done, the growth of the beard will be progressively promoted.

Another advantage that this roller has on the face is that the skin will generate keratin and collagen along with cell regeneration. However, there is a warning that deserves to be shared: once you have started the treatment, you should not be exposed to the sun, much less to salt water, for around 24 hours.

If I am hairless, do I use a derma roller?

The derma roller for the beard is recommended and guaranteed for those men who have minimal facial hair, either through sparse or hollow but with a beard. If there is no evidence of a single hair on the cheeks and chin, this device is totally ruled out for use. Well, what hair is going to stimulate its growth?

Cases with alopecia or other hereditary factors that prevent hair growth are totally excluded from this roller. When no hair is recognized and it is confirmed that your problem is genetic. The only and main medical option will be to resort to a beard implant. In this way, your beard would be completely covered with a lot of guarantees.

Beard implant candidates

The exclusive candidates for the beard implant are all those who have the need to activate their follicular life cycle to promote the growth of their beard. Hairless patients or patients with alopecia are specific candidates because they are cases with no hair on the face that present great changes and results. That is, a more than homogeneous and voluminous beard.

This result coincides a lot with the derma roller for the beard because it is not immediate. The growth of this facial hair requires a great deal of stimulation and further growth week after week. What is really different in both is that the beard implant presents permanent results, so you will never have to worry about requesting another surgery or an additional session.

Other functionality of the derma roller

The derma roller is not only created to encourage beard growth but also to eliminate the aftermath of acne. The microneedles, when entering the skin, penetrate the epidermis and give way to the new skin, erasing all signs of imperfection very naturally. But of course, this does not lead to doing it every day of the week. Just two and leaving the rest of not less than 24 hours.

If your interest to increase your beard, is to get rid of those annoying acne marks, this is your opportunity. The restoration of your face will be evident with both benefits since the minimum marks that you had will also be gone, never to return. Remember that your image is the first impression that the rest of you have, what else can you expect?

Is the resulting natural?

Yes, it is your own facial hair that will gradually gain volume over the course of weeks. But of course, as we already mentioned, as long as you have a minimal or sparse beard. Remember that it is the job of the fine needles to stimulate the beard and give it growth. Even so, there are also other stimulation options such as hair treatments: hair PRP, phototherapy and stem cells.

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