DeVante Perkins, Atlanta’s Upcoming Football Star

DeVante Perkins, Atlanta’s Upcoming Football Star

Devante Perkins Talented Athlete Content Creator A public figure and influencer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, he is known for his crazy football aptitude and the interesting and famous content he posts. and the fullness of the funds he has for football He started posting videos about his fun and crazy life. where he gained thousands of followers through social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, press sports (sports app), he started a growing YouTube channel, and many more.

He began to be informed by other famous celebrities such as 21 savage, deshae frost, un ghetto Mathieu, smooth gio, megameezy, jhacari, young nudy, and social media talent manager Keith Dorsey and Much more, Devante is 6 feet 160 pounds, 40 yards, 4.51 dash and plays football where he visited colleges including Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Auburn University and the University of Kentucky. He has scholarships for several colleges. “I’m just trying to prove to people that I can do great things in my city,” Devante said. The teen is a pop star and has a bright future ahead of him.

DeVante Perkins Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth

Devante Perkins is an American footballer, celebrity, Instagram, and snap star. He has over a thousand followers on Instagram using the username vante_16. He publishes a lot of content with tons of views and tastes. DeVante also hangs out and chats with a few celebrities. This teenager is a pop star and has a future ahead of him.

  • DeVante Perkins surname
  • Born December 19, 2002
  • 17 years old
  • Place of birth Ohio
  • Size 6’0 ”
  • footballer career

Early life

Devante Perkins was born on December 19, 2000, in Ohio. He was raised in Youngstown Ohio and moved to Atlanta Georgia. DeVante has scholarships that include LA tech, Davenport University, West Georgia, and North Dakota.


DeVante Perkins studied at the University of Davenport, West Georgia, and North Dakota.Educations

The star has been audited at the Universities of Davenport, West Georgia, and North Dakota. He is only 19 years old but has also gained immense popularity in a relatively short time with a net worth of 3 million. Good at playing his crazy football. He likes to post his interesting and famous content and all the funding he has for football. His username is vante_16 on Instagram.

Did you know…

DeVante Perkins is also an Instagram star.

He was an athlete first and then started posting on Instagram and Snapchat and gaining popularity.

His net worth estimate at $3.6 million.


When he was young change schools all over Youngstown. and ended up attending Cardinal Mooney High School in his freshman year. where he plays football at


DeVante wants to play an agent. but they refused him later that year as he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and began his new life. where he met many friends and attended school and played football for the school in his sophomore year. During his sophomore year, He received an offer and that convinced him. Later in the year, he will go to college.


DeVante gained popularity in a very short time and he has over 20,000 followers on Instagram.


DeVante know for being as athletic as an athlete, he has earned a six-pack and has earned his reputation with women.


DeVante’s hairstyles are very stylish and rank well in Google searches.

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WhatsApp: +88 01755272717
skype: live:.cid.dbf58fbd14e4d123

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