Does The Pap Smear Test Really Hurt?

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Pap smear test detects precancerous and cancerous cells. The test is conducted in a private space by an OB/GYN. Some other tests along with it are also conducted to ensure that you are suffering from no such medical condition which can lead you to cervical cancer. If the result turns out unclear, then it may be a sign of an infection. Also, walk in clinic for pap smear near me helps detect chances of developing cervical cancer.

Pap smear test

It is a medical diagnostic tool that is used to detect cervical cancer. Whether it has already developed or is in the stage of developing. Walk in clinic for Pap smear near me and takes the HPV test along. It is a medical tool for detecting human papillomavirus, which is a disease transferred from one person to another when performing sexual intimacy. If the illness is left unattended for a long time, it can cause cervical cancer. The chances are low in such cases, but they still do exist. The test is also painless, as the doctor will have to collect a sample from the cervical wall, you might feel some pressure, but it won’t come with any pain.

Who should take it more often?

A Pap smear test should be taken once you have reached the age of 20, and it is mandatory to take it after you are 30. However, you need to take this test with a gap of 3 to 5 years. Well, some women need to take this test more often. They are as follows:

  • Women who are HIV positive. The disease makes your immune system so weak that it can get prone to many diseases.
  • Women who have a weak immune method due to chemo, etc., also need to take this test more often.
  • Women who have recovered from cancer before need to take this test as cancer can return at any stage of life.

The procedure of a pap smear test

The procedure of a Pap smear test involves an OB/GYN, who is a doctor who specializes in solving the medical concerns of women. The doctor will give you a hospital gown which you have to wear, as the test requires you to remove your bottoms. The doctor will take a soft brush and an instrument that is named a speculum. The instrument will keep the walls of the vagina apart, so the doctor can take a sample from the cervical walls. The sample is then put under a powerful microscope to see if there is any irregular cell activity.

Does it hurt?

The procedure of a Pap smear test is explained, and it doesn’t harm you or hurt you. The test is painless and will take some minutes to get done. Also, the test is safe even if the woman is pregnant. The test won’t hurt you or harm you either way.


Walk in clinic for pap smear near me offers you a chance to be sure about your health. It helps detect if there are any precancerous or cancerous cells in your cervical test. Some tests like HPV are also taken with it, which can be a cause of cervical cancer. The procedure of a pap smear is simple and takes a few minutes of your life. The test is safe and won’t cause any harm.

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