Doesn’t care if I stay or go romantic couples make love

Wives who have been telling their husbands that they are considering leaving the marriage or the home occasionally come to me. Regarding this, some are sincere. They are dissatisfied and believe that leaving might be the best course of action at the moment. Others have no real intention romantic couples make love of leaving. They are threatening to leave in the hope that their husband will ask them not to. Or that they will at least elicit a response from him to demonstrate that he still cares about them.

romantic couples make love

Sadly, this can sometimes backfire. The wife will let her husband know she plans to leave and hope he will try to stop her (or at least ask her not to). She will, on the other hand, hear from her husband that he really does not care if she stays. She is unsure of what to do as a result. Is she going when she really doesn’t want to in order to save face  person? Or does she give in and simply inform him of her decision change? In addition, what does her husband’s lack of interest reveal review  about the state of her marriage and her capacity to preserve it?

Romantic couples make love

“My husband and I have been fighting pretty badly for almost four months,” she might say. At home, absolutely nothing is going well. My husband told me he was going to move out while he was looking for an apartment, but he never did. He still whined frequently. I informed him that I was leaving so he wouldn’t have to be so unhappy because I got tired of hearing him constantly whine. Presently, I will tell the truth. I had high hopes that he would admit that, which is why he had not yet moved out a lease.

Instead, exactly what he said to me was: I truly couldn’t care less in the event that you stay or go.’ He simply kind of shrugged his shoulders. And said that nothing truly changes between us no have much of any meaning what we do. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I’m hurt by this. I had hoped that the fact that he didn’t leave meant that he wanted to keep our marriage, mrguestposting but now he acts like he doesn’t care if we live together or not. I don’t want to pack up and leave, but now what should dating group  I say? How would I stay away from not going out? Do I have to simply acknowledge that my marriage is over and that I gambled and lost?”

I do not believe so. On the off chance that each and every individual who at any point took steps to leave their marriage wound up separated, the separation rate would be a lot higher than it really is. In the heat of the moment, many couples make threats of this kind, but nothing happens. It’s easy to understand the threats. They are normally made in light of the fact that things are terrible, yet nothing is evolving.

As a result, one of the spouses makes the decision to cause a stir by threatening to leave. The expectation is that the other spouse will beg them not to go and will need to devise a strategy to improve the situation. Since your husband had previously threatened to leave, he might have done the same thing. He didn’t keep his promise, and I don’t think you have to, especially if you really don’t want to leave.

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However, it goes without saying that if you want both of you to stayou will need to really work on improving your marriage so that neither of you will become so enraged that you give up. If you could clear the air. I think it would be helpful so that you both know that no one is going anywhere immediately. Because it is harder to commit to doing the work necessary to save your marriage if the living situation is uncertain. Uncertainty can hinder your progress if you are unsure that your spouse will remain and collaborate with you.

Therefore, you might try saying something along the lines of “well, you may not care if I leave or stay, but I have decided that I care very much.” I’ve settled down and given it some thought, and to be honest, I really don’t want to leave. I stated that I did so because I was annoyed and unsure of how to resolve the situation. Yet, I consider rather than us both flying off the handle and taking steps to leave. We could turn our energy toward improving things between us so nobody needs to go. I’d rather not leave and live on my own. I believe that neither of us will have to live alone if we work together.


Yes, saying this will require you to be the bigger person, make you feel vulnerable, and possibly awkward. However, it should give you some breathing room. After you have cleared the air, let’s hope that nobody will need to make a threat. o leave in the hope that the other person will tell them not to. Since fundamentally, you will have achieved what you are both expecting. The consolation that with work, nobody should leave, in light of the fact that nobody truly needs to isolate.

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