Elux Legend Mini Disposable Vape Kit Review

Elux Legend

The Elux Legend Mini has genuinely filled in notoriety lately and Elux truly hope to challenge the titans of disposables Elf Bar and Geekbar. This makes one wonder, could the Elux at any point contrast and the goliaths and how can it perform through an overwhelming Vape.co.uk test? We should figure it out.

Key Features of the Elux Legend Mini

The Elux Legend Mini is obviously a totally dispensable pack, meaning you simply breathe in and go. There are no buttons and surely no support expected to us the Legend Mini. Fueled by a 500mAh inherent battery, the Elux Legend Mini ought to propose around 600 puffs for every pack (approx), which is generally identical to 35 cigarettes. Each unit is pre-loaded up with 2ml of e-fluid in a 20mg nicotine strength. The loop inside the pack is a 1.5Ohm which is appropriate to the Nic Salt e-fluid that the Lux utilizes.

Flavor Test

What’s the one thing that is generally significant for a dispensable vape unit? Flavor, obviously. So how does the Elux Legend Mini fair for some character? Indeed, it’s certainly a charming encounter yet this one will rely upon what you like from a dispensable. Assuming that you love truly sweet disposables like the Geekbar, this may not be sufficiently sweet. The Ice flavors in the Elux range are very unobtrusive, they aren’t exceptionally frigid so once more assuming you like a frosty hit, perhaps this isn’t the most ideal unit for you.

The draw is very free on the Legend Mini, and the fume creation is exceptionally cautious, unquestionably not an extremely full vape. In spite of this, the fluid is certainly great and you really do get an extraordinary flavor from the unit. In rundown, the flavor is as yet splendid in the Elux, yet it’s not very cooling and not very waiting. Assuming that is what you like, this likely could be the most ideal unit for you.

Construct Quality and Design

The state of the Elux is a rectangular cuboid. It’s container like plan is very not the same as most disposables, yet like some other Elux plan you could have seen previously. Weight wise it’s really like most disposables, sitting in the 25-30g imprint, which causes it to feel durable enough in your grasp however absolutely not massive. The Legend Mini has a matte paint finish, with the ELUX logo and flavor flawlessly put on the facade of the gadget in a matte white.

It’s rectangular body gives the Legend Mini a tough vibe and a solid form quality. Not at all like different disposables of this shape, Elux have decided to go for a mouthpiece that is substantially more thin and very much constructed. This is most certainly perhaps of the comfiest mouthpiece in the dispensable game, it’s kind of half duck-like however not as level so sits in the mouth a lot more pleasant than a Geek Bar or even the comfortable Elf Bar.

In spite of a durable form quality, one annoyance I have with the Elux Legend is the wind stream delta being on the actual lower part of the pack. In the event that you’re somewhat ungainly or have generally enormous hands like me, you will cover the wind stream channel at the base which will confine the fume you draw from the gadget. It would have been significantly more exquisite to put a little wind stream as an afterthought, I think this adds to the free draw you get on the pack.

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