Endodontics, a common treatment?

Endodontics, a common treatment?

Also called root canal treatment, endodontics is one of the most common procedures that we perform in our dental clinic.

In the vast majority of cases, it performs when the patient has developed a cavity that has not been treated in time.

Caries is, in turn, the most common oral health problem in Spain.

And not only that: it is also, in general terms, the second most frequent disease, second only to the cold.

Not acting immediately on a cavity has very negative consequences for the tooth, as it acquires depth and destroys more and more tooth surfaces.

This degenerative process will make it necessary to treat it through an endodontic procedure, rather than with a filling (filling).

What does the price of a root channel depend on?

Before we dive into the factors that influence the cost of a root channel, let’s anticipate that price is not, in itself, an absolute term.

That is, a root canal is not expensive or cheap without more, but its cost is subject to certain elements that we are going to analyze below.

As a general rule. It could say that the prices of this treatment vary depending on the complexity of the tooth to be treated. The technology used during the procedure. And the experience or specialization of the dentist who performs it.

Are there any alternatives to endodontics?

Endodontics is a technique that is part of the so-called conservative treatments since it allows to preserve the functionality. And aesthetics of the tooth. As well as the bone or gum that surrounds it.

If a patient has affections in their dental nerve or its periphery, the priority will always be to try to maintain the tooth.

It is important to note that there is no alternative similar to endodontics. Since if the treatment is not performed on a tooth that requires it. It will end up falling out.

In the event of a loss. The piece may replace by a dental implant.

This is the most recommended option when there is no possibility of recovering the lost tooth and it is the solution to the inconveniences derived from the lack of a tooth.

However, there is no better alternative than to take care of the mouth every day and try to preserve the original teeth for a lifetime.

In addition, as we have already mentioned above, the prices of a root canal will always be cheaper than those of a dental implant.

How much does a root channel cost?

It is due to these differentiating elements previously mentioned that the cost of endodontics in our dental clinic is as follows:

  • Single root endodontics: 215 euros
  • Bi-root endodontics: 235 euros
  • Multiradicular endodontics: 305 euros

That said, it is important to note that prevention is always the most profitable option for the patient.

Therefore, we recommend making regular visits to the dentist to prevent oral problems or. If they have already appeared, solve them in the initial phases.

That is, in the case that concerns us. It will be cheaper to fill a small cavity. Then to have to perform a root canal once the tooth too damage.

Keep in mind that the prices detailed in this article are indicative and until our doctors have examined you. We will not be able to give you a closed budget.

Therefore, these prices may be subject to change until said valuation has been made.

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