Enhance Your Journey: The Best Guide to Food in Train Service

Food in Train

When it comes to train travel, good food can make all the difference. Whether on a long or short journey, having access to delicious and convenient food can greatly enhance your experience, Order Now From Ecatering Service.

In recent years, food in train service has come a long way, with a variety of choices matching diverse tastes and dietary requirements.

This post will provide a comprehensive guide to food on train service, including how to order, the types of cuisine available, and tips to keep in mind while ordering from ecatering.

Importance of food in train service

Food on train service is an essential aspect of train travel. It helps keep passengers satiated and energised during the journey and adds to the overall experience. Train journeys can be long and tiring, and having access to good food can provide a much-needed break and a chance to enjoy a delicious meal.

Moreover, for passengers travelling long distances, food on train service is a convenient and time-saving option as they don’t have to worry about finding a place to eat during their journey. In recent years, food on train service has become more diverse. It caters to various tastes and dietary requirements, making it an important part of the overall train travel experience.

Benefits of ordering food in train

Ordering food on the train has become a popular and convenient option for travellers. It provides a hassle-free experience, allowing passengers to enjoy a delicious meal without worrying about finding a place to eat during their journey. Here are several benefits of ordering food on train:

Wide variety

Food in train service offers a wide variety of cuisine, including Indian, Chinese, Continental, and regional delicacies, catering to different tastes and dietary requirements.


Most food delivery services follow strict hygiene and quality standards, ensuring food safety and health.


Food in train service is accessible to all passengers, including those with special dietary needs.

Order Customisation

Many food delivery services allow passengers to customise their meals, including ingredients and spice levels, according to their preferences, making the dining experience more personalised.

How to Order Food on a Train?

Travelling by train can be a fun and exciting experience, but when it comes to food, it can be problematic to discover something that meets your taste and dietary requirements. However, online food delivery services like RailMitra have made ordering food on a train incredibly convenient and hassle-free. Here are the steps to order food on train:

Choose a food delivery service

Several food delivery services, such as IRCTC e-catering, RailMitra, RailRestro, and more, are available for train passengers. Choose a service that operates in the route and station of your choice.

Visit the website or app

Most food delivery services have a website or app that allows you to browse their menu and place an order. You can also call their customer care number to place an order. 

Enter your PNR number

To place an order, you will need to enter your PNR number, train number, and journey date. This will help the food delivery service track your train and ensure your food is timely.

Select your food

Browse the menu and select the items you want to order. Many food delivery services offer a variety of cuisine, including Indian, Chinese, Continental, and regional delicacies.

Enter delivery details

Enter your coach, seat number, and the station where you want the food delivered.

Make payment

Pay online through debit cards, credit cards, net banking, or mobile wallets. A cash-on-delivery option is also available for some food delivery services.

Wait for your food

Your food order will be sent to your seat at the specified station. You can enjoy your meal and continue your journey without any interruptions.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Ordering Food in Train

Ordering food on a train can be a convenient way to enjoy a meal while travelling. Here is some advice to keep in mind while ordering food in a train:

Plan ahead

If you know you will travel by train, plan your meals. This will give you enough time to research the food options available on the train or at the stations where the train stops.

Choose a reliable vendor

Select a vendor with a good reputation for providing hygienic and fresh food. You can read reviews online or ask fellow travellers for recommendations. 

Check for allergies

If you have any food allergies, check the ingredients you are ordering to avoid allergic reactions. 

Order from a limited menu

Opt for a limited menu that offers simple and easy-to-digest meals while travelling.

Avoid spicy food

Spicy food can cause discomfort and acidity, especially when travelling. It is best to avoid spicy food while travelling by train.

Order light meals

Choose light meals that are easy to digest, such as soups, salads, sandwiches, and fruits.

Keep track of your order

Note down your order number or take a picture of the slip to keep track of your order and avoid confusion.

Why Book Food Order on Train from RailMitra?

Ordering food online on trains from RailMitra has become an increasingly popular choice for passengers seeking a hassle-free food delivery service. Here’s why using RailMitra for food delivery in train is the best alternative:


With recent claims and complaints regarding pantry car food, ensuring your food is hygienic and safe is important.

RailMitra partners with only the best restaurants and food outlets that maintain the highest hygiene and quality standards, ensuring you have access to safe and healthy food during your journey.


Ordering food online through RailMitra is incredibly convenient, as you can do it from the comfort of your seat.

You don’t have to worry about getting off the train at a station to look for food or waiting in long queues to place your order. So, placing your train food order and receiving the delivery directly to your seat is now a breeze.

Variety of cuisines

One of the biggest advantages of using RailMitra for food delivery on trains is the variety of available cuisines. Whether you’re in the mood for North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, or Continental, RailMitra has something for everyone.

You can browse the menu of various restaurants and outlets and choose the food that suits your taste and preference. In addition to the above benefits, RailMitra offers easy payment options, timely delivery, and 24/7 customer support, making it the perfect partner for enhancing your train journey experience.

How can I order food from the RaitaMitra website?

To order food on trains online via the RailMitra website, follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of RailMitra, which is railmitra.com.
  • Click on the “Food in Train” option available on the website.
  • Next, you can either order “via PNR” or “via Train No.” and the Boarding Date.
  • Choose the Boarding Station where you want to receive your food on the train.
  • A list of restaurants and menus will be displayed from which you can select your favourite food items.
  • Complete online payment using Cards, Internet Banking, or digital wallets. You can also choose the “Cash on Delivery” option.
  • Finally, relax and wait at your seat as your food order will be delivered on time.

Following these steps, you can easily order food online in trains via RailMitra and enjoy delicious meals while travelling.


Access to quality food during train journeys has always been challenging thanks to the food delivery in train services provided by ecatering platforms. With their user-friendly app, passengers can order food from a wide range of cuisines, all delivered directly to their seats.

With a commitment to hygiene, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service, RailMitra is the perfect partner for enhancing your train journey experience. Additionally, RailMitra has several other tools that help you check PNR status, train schedule, live train position, etc.

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