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The most popular accessory for men is the wristwatch with a timeshop24 discount. When a man wears a watch, many associate it with a person who is stylish, trendy, has status, and is detail-oriented. However, there are many types of men’s watches designed for different situations and occasions. It is therefore not always easy to see which type of watch best suits your wardrobe and your lifestyle. We will therefore review the 6 most popular watches for men: the everyday watch, the formal watch, the activity watch, the diving watch, the fashion watch, and the smartwatch, as well as give insight into what you should know about each type of watch so that you make a good investment.

Why has the everyday watch become so popular for men?

The everyday watch is undisputedly the most popular type of watch for men. It is quite simply indispensable in every man’s wardrobe! The everyday watch’s popularity is mainly because it is a versatile accessory that is perfect for completing your look in everyday life. If you choose the right everyday watch, you will be able to wear it with everything in your wardrobe. This means you can wear it for virtually all everyday situations, such as at work or study. In addition, you can wear it both for a casual look or a formal outfit. These properties are a huge advantage because, with a versatile everyday watch, you don’t have to spend unnecessary time matching your watch to your outfit. You just know that it fits everything in your wardrobe.

An everyday watch with a simple design has become so popular for men because it makes the watch incredibly versatile.

Popular with a simple design for men at timeshop24 discount 

When choosing your everyday watch, the design is one of the most important things you can decide on. The most popular everyday watch for men is the everyday watch with a simple design. This is because the simple design makes the everyday watch the easiest to match to your everyday wardrobe.

The everyday watch can be simple in several ways, but the color theme is especially important. We find that many men choose an everyday watch with neutral colors. By neutral colors, we mean colors that match all other colors, such as black, brown, white, gold, or silver. However, be aware that the more colors your everyday watch has, the more difficult it will be to match your wardrobe. A good tip when choosing your everyday watch is therefore that it should not combine more than three colors at once. If you follow this color tip, you can be sure that the watch matches the clothes in your everyday wardrobe.

Combining accessories for the everyday set is a great way to look stylish. Match your watch with other accessories for men

But what about other accessories for men?

The everyday watch is, due to its simple design, also perfect to combine with other accessories for everyday use. Among the most popular accessories for men, apart from the watch, are bracelets, belts, and sunglasses. To also avoid a mismatch between your accessories, you can choose your everyday watch based on your other accessories. For example, if you usually use brown belts with gold buckles for everyday use, it is obvious to invest in an everyday watch with a brown strap and a gold watch case.

If you are the type of person who likes to switch between your everyday accessories, it may be worth investing in two everyday watches. We see, for example, that it has become more popular among men to invest in both an everyday watch with gold and one with silver. That way, these men have an everyday watch that matches the days when they wear gold and the days when they wear silver accessories.

Many men match their everyday watches and accessories by choosing the same color theme.

The importance of material selection and the size of the watch case

In addition to the colors of the watch

You must decide on the choice of material and the size of the watch case. Since the everyday watch is worn every day and for many hours, it must sit comfortably. Because of this, we see that everyday watches with leather straps are popular among men. The leather strap not only looks good but it is also known for being extremely comfortable and light in weight. As an alternative to the leather strap, it has also become popular with a Morellato for men, as both types of strap have the same properties.

Comfortable to Wear

We also see that many men choose a watch with a flat case. This is because a deep watch case, for some men, can be bothersome under a tight shirt sleeve. If you sense that this is the case for you, it is obvious to choose an everyday watch with a flat case. The everyday watch must be comfortable to wear, as you have to wear it for many hours during the day.

The price level

In terms of price, an everyday watch can be found on many different shelves. Which depends on the brand, quality, type of movement, and more. If you want to buy an everyday watch then use a timeshop24 discount and get the discount on your favorite watch. When you have to decide what you are willing to invest in your everyday watch. You should bear in mind that it is exposed to wear and tear daily. It is therefore important that the everyday watch also fits your lifestyle. We therefore find that the most popular choice is an everyday watch of good quality, which is durable.

The most popular everyday watches

As the everyday watch is very popular for men, you will be able to find great models among virtually all watch brands. We find that the timeshop24 discount offers Perigee, Guess, Citizen, Orient, and Seiko are very popular choices when it comes to men’s everyday watches.

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