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With the increasing acceptance of Windows GUI, it becomes natural to attract to the user-friendly interface of Microsoft apps such as Outlook, MS Office, PowerPoint, etc. But, Mac Outlook (2011/2016) is a good email client for experiencing the GUI of MS products in the Mac device environment, but it lacks the edges of Microsoft Outlook Windows.

Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac are two different versions of the same coin. The file format is the main difference. While MS Outlook keeps all entities in PST (Personal Storage Table), Mac Outlook uses OLM files as a backup of all data items.  If you’re switching from Outlook for Mac to Microsoft Outlook, you’ll need to export Outlook for Mac folder to PST format. Then, one can simply move the PST file into any edition of Microsoft Outlook.

Reasons for Conversion of OLM Files to PST Files

Before beginning the process to export Outlook for Mac folder to PST file format, let’s talk about the reasons users switch from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

  • Outlook for Mac is difficult for users to maintain.
  • Insecure attachments are blocked in Outlook for Windows; this feature is not present in Outlook for Mac.
  • If you prefer a Mac Outlook email client, installation and maintenance needed a heavy cost.
  • Exchange Server is compatible with different editions when using Outlook for Windows.

OLM to PST conversion can be carried out manually or automatically; in this blog, I’ll go over the manual process in detail.

Manual Solution to Export OLM File to PST File

Make an IMAP account in the first stage (using Gmail or iCloud). Gmail is the best choice for this migration. In order to access your newly made Gmail account, open a new Gmail account. IMAP and POP are the two options for Gmail. The IMAP account needs to be enabled here. Follow the steps listed below to do this.

  • Start your Gmail account.
  • Click the gear icon in the right corner of your Gmail account to navigate through a variety of options.

  • Next, select Settings.
  • Hit on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP options in the settings area.

  • Here, make sure IMAP is enabled if it is not already, and then press Save changes. Simply click Cancel to leave if the option is already activated.

Once your IMAP account has been successfully created, set up Outlook for Mac to connect to your IMAP account by following the instructions below:      

  • On your computer, launch Outlook for Mac, and Click ‘Email’ under Tool>> Accounts before continuing.
  • Your account information, including your email address, password, and other necessary data, must be entered here. Select Add Account.
  • Your newly created IMAP account is now listed under the Mail tab.

You must now synchronize your Outlook for Mac account with your IMAP account. To perform the synchronization, make a Gmail label by following these instructions:

  • Log into your Gmail account, select Gear, and then select Settings.
  • Hit the Labels in the Setting section (located on the left side).

  • Click the Create New Label button now, making sure that the boxes for Label Should Be Shown and Shown in the IMAP are ticked.

  • To update the IMAP account, open Mac Outlook and click on Send/Receive.

Transfer Emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP Account

This is the final step in the conversion process. Follow these steps to transfer your emails and mailbox data from an OLM file to an IMAP account:

  • Launch Mac Outlook and press Folders you wish to import and then, hit Move>Copy to Folder.
  • Enter the name of your IMAP folder now, then click Copy.
  • To update the Outlook for Mac IMAP folder after copying the mailbox data to the IMAP mailbox folder, tick Send/Receive. The Gmail account can be refreshed to display recent items.
  • Here, every copy of an email and its mailbox data have been successfully synchronized with an IMAP mailbox folder.

Now, all you need to transfer mailbox data items from the IMAP mailbox folder to Outlook for Windows. One can quickly do it by dragging the IMAP mailbox folder to the IMAP inbox folder.

Important Note– You should create a backup of the original data before transferring the data manually.


If you feel comfortable carrying out the above-mentioned manual methods, go ahead. You should not do anything improper throughout manual conversion that can corrupt the database file backup. Thus, novice users can move data instantly and securely using third-party professional tools like CubexSoft OLM Converter.

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