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thread lift


A thread is a type of procedure short seams are used to produce a subdued but visible lift in the skin. Skin exchange is part of getting older. when your skin loses its strength and flexibility over time. You may notice sinking and looser skin on your face as the skin and lean in your face change. so one of the best options that make a face your younger is a thread lift.

it is a minimal encroaching procedure where the doctor deposits fibers under your skin to pull it back. This procedure is less expensive than plastic surgery with less recovery time. your doctor can use other techniques like a botox to reduce signs of aging. Instead of removing the patient’s loose facial skin surgically. Above the cosmetic surgeon simply removes it by stitching up a portion of it.

How does a thread lift work?

The surgeon removes a face lost facial used with a thread lift .this thread lift tightness the face. So thread lift in Islamabad works in two ways. Your doctor temporary stitches under your skin to its back. this area appears tighter. During the thread is the textured fiber that grasps the underside of your skin and holds it in a new position. but thread directly gives your face a lifted look.

The second way the thread simulates your natural healing response. Your body treats the thread-like injury to make more collagen.  So Collagen provides proteins in your skin that make the full plump look. Which leads to wrinkles and sagging you lose it as you age.

How a thread lift is done

Its procedure is done in the doctor’s office. It usually takes a time an hour. First doctor your skin with local numbness. then, the small needle under your skin where they plan to set the threads. So the doctor uses a cannula and guides the threads into place. Then they decide how many threads you need a base. how large area is the treatment on your face? Your doctor takes out a cannula thread in place. You have some irritation. but won’t be any scarring.

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The benefit of thread lift

Different benefits include;

Reduce wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles are the most common signs of the aging process. when applying a thread lift procedure. So thread lift makes skin plump and reduces fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Improve skin texture. But Increased collagen production that includes thread lifting helps improve your skin texture.

Induces collagen production. After thread treatment, your body produces collagen in these areas. Collagen is a protein and building block. It makes skin shiny and plump


It has different cause complications such as:

Skin texture changes.  Some people have dimpling bumps in the skin over threads. These effects may fade over time.

Stiffness. In some cases, the thread makes the person stiff or hard to move.

Irritation. At last, After the procedure, you feel redness.

Infection.  After the treatment appears the infection on your skin. It is a medical procedure

 How long does a thread lift

Full effects of the collagen boost noticeably for a few months. this thread provides an initial tightening from the thread.it helps your skin look younger. continue improvement to make more collagen in your skin.  So threads dissolve after about 6 months under your skin.  You talk to a doctor if you consider a thread lift.

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