Frequently asked questions on ductless AC units

For people using HVAC and other traditional units, adapting to a completely modernized system would be difficult. So, in this article, we would discuss the frequently asked questions by the HVAC unit owners who are still in doubt about the ductless AC unit.

Are the ductless AC units complicated?

No, they have a very less intricate design compared to the traditional HVAC units. They function exactly like the central AC units but do not have ducts. They can also be called mini-split Air Conditioning units.

Do the ductless AC units consume more energy?

Ductless units consume lesser energy compared to HVAC units. They have high SEER ratings compared to other Air Conditioners, and since it is ductless, you can expect the consumption of energy is minimum. It does not have 2-speed condensers like HVAC systems, and hence, keeping the temperature stable without consuming a lot of energy.

What is the cooling capacity of these ductless AC units?

Well, a condenser unit can control 4 evaporator units, and thus, the ductless unit can cool up to four average-sized rooms. However, if the interiors are lesser than 2000 sq. ft., the cooling efficiency would be more.

What is the lifespan of ductless AC units?

An average ductless unit can last for two decades or longer, depending on the condition and maintenance of the system. Keeping the ductless AC units up and running is not a difficult task, but it needs care and maintenance at least twice a year.

Does the ductless system have a longer lifespan than HVAC units?

The traditional units can function for 12 to 15 years if maintained well, but a ductless AC unit can last for two decades without any issues, provided it is well-maintained, and the debris around is properly cleaned. One can enhance the lifespan of these mini-split ACs by cleaning the filters, clearing the vents, and removing the dirt and debris near the outdoor unit.

How much energy do ductless units consume?

Well, they are generally energy-efficient. The mini-split units can consume 5725 watts to 7033 watts depending on the cooling capacity of the unit. A ductless AC unit (with different cooling capacity) can cool a 150 sq. ft. area to 2000 sq. ft. apartment in no time, and accordingly, consume electricity.

What is the installation and unit cost of ductless Air Conditioners?

It depends on the energy efficiency, unique features, cooling capacity, and brand. A single-zone unit may cost 700-1200 dollars, while a six-zone unit may cost 5 thousand to 8 thousand dollars.

Does the unit consume a lot of space?

Ductless AC units usually are compact and can be adjusted in a small apartment. It takes up a lot of space to install HVAC units.

What are the prime advantages of ductless AC units?

There are plenty of advantages of mini-split ACs over the traditional units. Ductless units provide “zone-specific” comfort for a family where each member requires a different temperature. The ductless AC units can install in lesser time, as there’s no complicated ductwork like that of traditional ones. AC units are more energy-efficient than the centralized ones, as you can switch off a few units when not in use. They are compact and do not consume a lot of space. The ductless systems do not require maintenance, and if the user follows some simple cleaning steps, it can run for two decades or more.

You can trust the ductless technology as it is safe and easy to install

The traditional units have several disadvantages and would create more problems after a specific time. Ductless AC units are safe and ergonomically designed to provide comfort without compromising the air quality.

Compared to the traditional air conditioning system, the ductless AC is far more efficient and cost-effective. It requires less maintenance and can install easily as it doesn’t involve any ductwork.

Ductless AC systems are really a smart option if you want to use air conditioners. They ensure comfort and boost the air quality of your home. You can ask an HVAC technician in your area to help you determine which system is best for your home


Ductless systems are already popular in various places. If you are planning to buy a ductless AC for your home then check out the following points before buying it: Ductless systems are already popular in various places. If you are planning to buy a ductless AC for your home then check out the following points before buying it:

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