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Do you know that nearly 93% of users say they read online reviews before making a purchase? And Google Reviews is one of the crucial pillars of these statistics. This is why brands and businesses opt to embed Google Reviews on websites. A Google review widget on a website has helped businesses instantly gain trust and credibility from their customers.

However, generating Google Reviews can be a hard nut to crack. So if you are one of those business owners looking around to get more Google Reviews for your business, you are at the right place.

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But Why are Brands using Google Reviews?

Google reviews may look straightforward and extra, but their benefits are immense. The more people leave a review for your business, the more it will help you get exposure in the industry. Look at the reasons mentioned below to know more about it.

  • Exploding Topics has revealed that In 2021, 81% of consumers said they read Google reviews which is a significant increase.
  • According to a study by Reviews Tracker, out of all 88% of Online reviews, Google Reviews contributes 63% of reviews.
  • Google Reviews are essential ranking factors in local search engines.

Simple Tips To Get More Google Reviews For Your Business

We understand that Google Reviews can be a game changer for your business. Have a look at the amazing tips below:

1. Ask For Reviews  In Person

This is the most obvious way to get Google Reviews. However, most businesses shy away from asking for reviews after providing a service to their customers. Studies have shown that business owners find it a promotional gesture to ask for a review.

Once you provide your service, you can start a conversation with your customers. You can start by asking – Did you find what you were looking for today?

When you know your customer is happy with the service, you can use the following template to ask for feedback.

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback. We would love to share this with our potential customers. Can you please leave us Feedback on Google?

It will help us feel confident about our services and do much better for upcoming opportunities.

Remember that you do not have to be forceful with your customers to get feedback. This will make your conversation seem ingenuine.

2. Respond To Google Reviews

Responding to Google Reviews helps you get more reviews.

But how?

Responding to Google Reviews helps you stand as an active brand that listens to its customers. This further enables you to become a responsible business owner in your customers’ eyes. Even when you respond to negative feedback, it makes your customers feel understood and heard. Thus forming a loyal customer base willing to talk positively about your business.

3. Run An Email Campaign

Email Marketing is yet another effective way to get Google Reviews for your business. Email marketing helps you have a continuous conversation flow with your customers. You can also email your customers about ongoing offers and discounts.

But more importantly, you can ask for Google Reviews from your customers. Chances are higher that your past customers had a great experience with your business but never bothered to leave feedback. This is where you can launch an email campaign and ask them to leave feedback. Use this template for your Google Review email campaign.

Hi Customer!

We are glad you chose us. You are a valued customer And we would love to hear what you think. Your feedback helps us to improve Click on the link below and leave your valuable feedback. 


4. Embed Google Google Reviews Widget On the Website

A Google Review widget is a functional block that helps you showcase all the Google reviews directly on your website in a customizable way.

But what would a Google Review widget do to my business?

Allow us to answer.

When embed the Google Review widget on your website helps you build an online reputation for your brand. It also helps you to put together a social proof of your business. This further helps you to stand as an authentic brand and fastens the decision-making process of your potential customers. And more importantly, it encourages your customers to leave feedback for your business.

You can use a social media aggregator tool to embed Google Reviews on the website. Most of these tools provide code free embedding process, so even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can use them easily.

5. Create An Explainer Video

Do you know that most users fail to leave a review because they cannot find a convenient way to express their opinion? To remove such small hurdles, you can create an explainer video instructing your users to leave Google reviews for your business. Try to make a quick and short video.

In this video, you can also talk about how each review matters to your business and helps you improve your business.

Wrapping Up

As a brand, if you are looking for ways to achieve your primary goals, Google Reviews can become your best companion. As a matter of fact, it has helped many brands to highlight the positive aspects of their business. And brands proudly embed Google Reviews on websites.

Don’t wait anymore, use the above-mentioned tactics and generate more Google Reviews.

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