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What is your background?

I’m going to keep it short, 1st of 6 kids, Born and raised in Haiti, That’s it for now.

 When did you start trading? What got you started?

1st investment in the stock market was in 2008 before I started college, 1st Investment in crypto was in 2016. I start taking trading seriously in 2014 when I realized how much money I can make.

 What did you do prior to trading? 

Many things, I was in college, work a few 9-5, joined the Army, started a web design Marketing Business etc.…

 What made you quit your previous occupation?

When realized I could become a millionaire by learning how to trade, I decided to go full time trading.

Do you trade shares, options, or both?

Both but, mainly options

Would you classify yourself as a day trader, swing trader, Position trader?

All the above, mainly day trader because sometimes I don’t have the patience to let my money just sitting there.

Can you walk us through your daily routine and how you set yourself up for success?

I do the same thing every day, I wake up at around 4:30 AM since I’m on the west coast, check out a few financial websites like MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, Yahoo Finance etc. I check for any breaking news then go to the computer and start looking for stocks to trade, looking for high probability set-ups.

Is there something you remind yourself of right before the market opens?

Yes, remember to always take profit, I have this strategy where I can make over 1 million dollar a year with $1000 if I can make 2% of my total portfolio daily, that’s why I always remind myself to always take profit, what’s yours is yours.

Tell us about Boulpik. what is it and what does it stand for?

Hard to explain the meaning of the word in detail if you’re not from Haiti, but it is essentially stand for “the best out of the pile”. When I was starting my first company (Boulpik Media) I could not think of a name for it and I decided to call it Boulpik, ever since then, Boulpik has become my identity.

 Boulpik has produced some millionaires! tell me about that?

In 2020/2021 during the crypto boom 23 of our members have become millionaires thanks to my amazing team and some of these tokens, Shiba Inu, Doge Coin, Feg Token, Kishu, Hook, Mononoke, Saitama, Hokk and many more.

Do you think Haiti is the most informed in the Caribbean, about trading stocks and/or crypto?

Without a doubt, I believe I read an article about that.

Do you feel that our community needs more awareness? What is it that you do to bring more awareness?

I Definitely do think so, the whole world needs more awareness when it comes to trading, stocks, crypto, financial literacy, that is the exact reason why we created Boulpik Trading and now Boulpik Token.

Do you teach people how to trade around the world?

Yes Definitely, we have Boulpik Academy where you can learn the basics of stocks and crypto trading.

 You’ve written a couple books! Tell me about them.

Yes, I’ve written 3 Books, 1 about Dropshiping, 2 about stocks and trading.

How do you look for opportunities (what indicators)?

It depends on the day, my top Indicators are RSI, MA, EMA, VWAP

What strategies do you use the most in this current market? Do you change them often?

I don’t have a specific strategy; however, I do have something I call high probability set up and it has to do with the 200 MA, it has an 80% accuracy.

Are there certain stocks in which you trade the most and certain stocks you avoid?

Yes, I do… Some stocks I just don’t look at them. I have a specific watchlist I look at every morning. I trade Spy nearly every day.

What was the best trade you have ever made? The worst?

My best trade ever was NVDA before the split, I made 78k in 4 hours, toke over 14 trades and I didn’t lose not even one of them. Not the most money I’ve ever made in a trade, but it was the most consistent day. My worst trade ever was a tesla trade where I lost 30k by taking a trade I should have never taken, again not the most I’ve lost in a day, but it was the lack of discipline.

How fun is trading for you and what do you enjoy most about trading?

Expeditiously fun, lol… What I like about trading is the freedom that it gives me and my family. I just need less than 2 hours to cover my bill for the month.

What’s the best advice you can offer for someone just starting out with trading/investing?

Invest in yourself, learn as much as possible, be patient and stay disciplined.

You can get in touch with Erickson on all Social Media @rickyson89

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